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SmartGit - Get your Commit Done

SmartGit is a graphical Git and Mercurial client which can also connect to SVN repositories, GitLab, GitHub, Bitbucket, Jira, Gerrit and git LFS. SmartGit runs on Linux, Mac OS X (10.11 or newer) and Windows (7 or newer). Git and Mercurial (Hg) are distributed version control system (DVCS).

SmartGit Dashboard
SmartGit provides the following:

  • Graphical merge ("Conflict Solver")
  • Commit history
  • Drag and drop commit reordering
  • Grahpical merge and rebase
  • Branching
  • Pull, Push and Snyc
  • Git-Flow
  • SSH-client
  • File Compare
  • Blame
  • git Bisect
  • Journal and logs
  • Version-tree
  • Manage multiple repositories
  • Distributed Reviews - take code reviewing to the next level: in a distributed way, based on Git. Local, offline and fast
  • Version control and repository management based on Git
  • Integration with GitLab, GitHub, Bitbucket, SVN and Jira
  • Optional: SmartSynchronize - Comparing Directories the Smart Way. SmartSynchronize is an advanced file and directory compare tool

Watch Overview

SmartGit's Distributed Reviews (4 min.)

SmartGit's GitHub Integration (2 min.)

SmartGit's Benefits

  • One for All: This powerful, multi-platform Git client has the same intuitive user interface on Windows, macOS and Linux, including graphical merge; commit history; drag and drop commit reordering, merging or rebase
  • Everything Included: No need to install and configure additional tools, since it includes command line Git client (Windows, macOS); Graphical Merge and Commit History; Git-Flow; SSH-client; File Compare and File Merge ("Conflict Solver")
  • Adopt to Your Needs and Workflows: A commercial Git client should support your work-flows. You can customize SmartGit in various ways
  • Interacting with popular platforms SmartGit comes with special integrations for GitLab, GitHub, BitBucket and BitBucket Server (former Atlassian Stash) to create and resolve Pull Requests and Review Comments
  • Cross-platform Use your SmartGit license on as many machines and operating systems you like

How We Can Help You

ALMtoolbox company is an authorized reseller of SmartGit by Syntevo company. We have experts that can help you with the following:
  • Plan a new implementation and setting up new environments and workflows
  • SmartGit, Git, GitLab and Bitbucket training
  • Customizations and add-ons development
  • Implement migration from Git, GitHub, BitBucket, ClearCase, RTC, SVN, JIRA, Jenkins and more
  • We can help you select the right license that suits your needs
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Testimonials and Customers Stories

I'm Project leader in our Universities development team for a software-development class in Germany. I've tested absolutely every Git frontend and the console. But none made our workflow so nice as SmartGit. Thanks SmartGit, we achieved our goal earlier and flawless as butter. Thank you for that great product again!"


Ferhat Dogru, FH Giessen-Friedberg - University of Applied Sciences

When we moved to git, we just imported a snapshot of our code, so I occasionally need to investigate the full history in Subversion. With SmartGit's new SVN integration, I no longer have to use Subversion tools, but can use all the standard git tools in a familiar UI. And since it's a local git repo, it's extremely fast. Thank you for this fantastic new feature"

Bradley Grainger, Logos Bible Software

We are very pleased with the way the software behaves. We switched to GIT little over a week ago, and your software really has made the transition smooth - GIT isn't as hard to cope with as suggested on the net, as long as you got the right tools"

Jacob Dall,