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What is GitOps?

gitops gitGitOps is a methodology that takes DevOps best practices used for application lifecylcle development (ALM) such as version control, pull/merge quests, CI/CD, collaboration, compliance,and then applies them to infrastructure-as-code and infrastructure automation.

Applying GitOps helps you gain improved efficiency, built-in backups, more security, saving money (by automation and avoiding mistakes), reduced costs and faster deployments.

GitLab can help you get the most out of GitOps best practices, using git and GitLab features on top of it ; using merge requests and CI/CD embedded to GitLab.

To learn more read the following eBooks or watch the video:

[Download eBook] A beginner’s guide to GitOps and how it works

gitops gitlab guide

In this eBook you’ll learn:

  • How GitOps works with processes you already use
  • The three components teams need to get started with GitOps
  • GitOps best practices and workflows
  • Why GitOps is a good solution for infrastructure teams


    [Download eBook] GitOps in the Enterprise

    10 reasons to adopt GitOps today



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