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Watch Webinar: Secrets Management with Infisical + Demo

infisicial webinar

We hosted Infisical company to discuss different aspects of secrets management

Watch Webinar: Introducing Codeium AI Toolkit + Demo

codeium alm-toolbox webinar

We hoste Codeium company to discuss different aspects of generative AI for developers.

Watch Webinar: Introducing OpenProject: Project Management & Issue Tracking

We hosted Robin Wagner, the COO of OpenProject.We explained the product, demonstrated it and answered questions. Take your recording here: Agenda: OpenProject is an alternative to Atlassian Jira and Confluence and can help you in project management, task management, development workflows and business processes.It’s offered as self-managed and SaaS so it could also replace Jira […]

How to choose the right provider to purchase GitLab licensing and consulting from?

Before purchasing GitLab subscriptions or professional services , there is often a dilemma:Whether to purchase licensing and professional services from this or another provider; Whether to purchase from the manufacturer or from a manufacturer’s partner.That’s why I’ve gathered here questions that are important to ask, and can help you make an informed choice. Here are […]

Join our Upcoming Events – July 2024


Join our upcoming webinars about AI, Development, Application Security and DevOps!
We host 4 live webinars during July 2024.

What is ScriptRunner ?

scriptrunner logo

ScriptRunner is a versatile add-on that extends the functionality of Atlassian products, including Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket.

Join Live Webinar: Introducing Infisical Secrets Management for Developers and Applications

Infisical webinar

We are hosting Infisical company to discuss secrets management

Case study: Moving the Shva company to Jira Cloud


“ALM-Toolbox helped us with a quick and high-quality transition to Jira Cloud”,said Rafi Shani, Director of Projects at Automated Bank Services Company (Shva). Shva is the leading provider of transaction infrastructure solutions in Israel. The company’s main business is managing the national debit card payment system. The project: moving to Jira Cloud The company worked […]

Goodbye, CoPilot! Hello, Codeium!

In this video, Chris from “Coding in Public” channel explains why he left GitHub Copilot and switched to Codeium

We officially represent Infisical for Secrets Management

infisical logo

We are happy to announce that as part of our DevOps and DevSecOps solutions,We also offer Infisical’s solution for secrets management. What is Infisical? This is a tool for managing secrets in a convenient way, that was designed for developer first.Infisical knows how to store, retrieve and synchronize secrets such as API keys, access passwords […]

Our up-to-date offering for Secrets management

secrets management

Here we summarize our current range of secrets management solutions

GitLab Guest Users

If you consider combining “Guest users” with GitLab Ultimate accounts, one of the challenges you might face is how to distinguish who could be a guest user? And it’s even more challenging if you have many groups and projects. So we wrote a script (intended for our customers) that can scan all GitLab projects and […]

What’s New in GitLab 17?

gitlab all new features

GitLab 17 was recently released and we’ve made two unique lists of GitLab features: all features and what’s new

Save the Date and Register: GitLab 17 webinar

We’ll be introducing what’s new in GitLab 17.0 on May 28th at 11am. Save your spot! Signup to the webinar:

New: VOD Library of DevOps Webinars

devops webinars video on demand

We’ve recently organized the videos we have recorded over the years into a centralized “library” of VOD (Video On-Demand) .We arranged it by products, tags, language and recording date (at your convivence). Feel free to find what interests you the most and watch! >> The DevOps VOD library is available here Do you want to […]

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