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Case study: DevOps Leader at Pecan AI recommends GitLab and GitLab CI

I recently talked to Rom Gaigi, DevOps team leader at Pecan AI company(and one of our customers) about GitLab and GitLab CI and why they chose to use it. The session was recorded and is available here: Transcription: Tamir: I am hosting here Rom Geigi, DevOps manager from Pecan AI, who has been using GitLab […]

What’s in SonarQube for Developers and R&D Managers?

developers using sonarqube

The article explains what’s in SonarQube for Developers and R&D Managers?

What is Value Stream Management in GitLab?

gitlab value stream management

GitLab and GitLab CI/CD offer Value Stream Management (VSM)as a built-in feature to help organizations optimize their software development lifecycle. Here’s a breakdown of what VSM entails within GitLab: Core functionality: Value Stream Management is available in GitLab Ultimate edition.To learn more about GitLab editions and pricing options contact us: or call us. Key […]

What are Guest Users in GitLab?

gitlab guest user

Guest users in GitLab have limited access to projects, allowing them to view certain information – read the article to learn more

What are Custom Roles in GitLab?

GitLab offers default roles with predefined permissions for users within a project or group. However, there’s also a feature called Custom Roles that provides more flexibility and enables to tailor permission levels for task completion. Custom roles are available in GitLab Ultimate Edition (Self-managed and SaaS) only.Contact us ( If you’d like to learn more […]

Using GitLab? Your users leave secrets in git repos much more than you thought

Your users leave secrets in git GitLab repos much more than you thought, and there’s a new way to resolve it

What are the Differences Between GitLab Premium and GitLab Ultimate?

gitlab enterprise premium vs ultimate

Learn what are the differences between GitLab Premium and Ultimate and download a full features list of GitLab Ultimate

New Overview: ALL AI -based Features in GitLab

gitlab ai

Download our detailed overview about all AI capabilities currently available in GitLab

What’s New in GitLab 16?

gitlab all new features

GitLab 16 was recently released and we’ve made two unique lists of GitLab features: all features and what’s new

New Recording: Secure your Code by Mitigating Open Source Risks with Fossa

fossa sca webinar

We are hosting Fossa company to discuss different aspects of open source risks