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Join a Live GitLab CI/CD Workshop!

Date: Wednesday, August 31st Time: 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm CEST GitLab is a great DevOps platform, delivered as a single application, fundamentally changing the way Development, Security, and Ops teams collaborate. Join a virtual & live session for a 3-hour virtual hands on workshop (at no charge), an Introduction to our CI/CD. In this […]

HashiCorp Vault VS Akeyless Vault Platform (2022)


Since we provide a variety of secrets management solutions, we’re frequently asked about the differences of HashiCorp Vault vs Akeyless Vault platform – so here it is! We made a comparison sheet including more than 10 criteria: platform;  technology; maintenance ; required skills; security aspects, high availability (HA), user interface (UI), supporting offline environments, pricing […]

GitLab vs GitHub vs Bitbucket – SaaS Cloud Differences 2022


  Last update: July 25th 2022 We’re asked many times about the differences of SaaS offering (public cloud) provided by GitHub, GitLab and Atlassian Bitbucket. The vendors tend to update terms and offering quite frequently, so we decided to make an up-to-date comparison list (Excel sheet) with all relevant criteria, including: Max users (private repos) […]

Our up-to-date offering for Secrets management

secrets management

We’re frequently asked about Secrets Management Solutions. This is a hot topic related to moving to the cloud, working with Kubernetes, digital transformation, protecting important data, secure code development, application security and more. This is a topic for which we have accumulated a lot of knowledge. In fact, we are certified and officially represent some […]

What’s New in GitLab 15

gitlab all new features

Last update: July 24th 2022 (GitLab 15.2) GitLab 15 was recently released and we’ve made two unique lists of GitLab features: All New Features in GitLab 15 All NEW features (since June 2018) separated by editions, release, popularity criteria, stage, video and more, so you can easily filter it out by your preferred criteria ALL GitLab Features ALL GitLab Features separate by […]

Vulnerabilities in 3rd-party Apps Have Caused Code Theft from GitHub

GitHub reported that a hacker was apparently exploiting a security vulnerability or human error on 3rd-party apps Travis and Heroku. The security vulnerability exposed the tokens, allowing the hacker to steal the tokens and utilize them to enter private repositories on GitHub (including NPM) so he managed to download those repositories – including all the […]

Case Study: How Akeyless Helps Stash

Gavin Grisamore, CISO at Stash, explains why they chose Akeyless and how it helps them resolve challenges in using secrets and Kubernetes Watch the video: (1 min.) “I would absolutely recommend Akeyless to any organization that is struggling with secrets management or privileged access management” Related links: Akeyless secrets management Interview: Managing Human and Machine […]

We Expand our Support for Open Source Tools

As a company that has supported open source software tools since 2016, I’m happy to update that we have recently expanded the range of tools we support, and we now offer a wider range of supported tools. We also offer support for the following open source tools (click to see the list – it’s up-to-date). […]

Case Study: How Akeyless Helps Progress

Richard Barretto, VP & CISO at Progress, explains why they chose Akeyless and what the benefits he sees of using it: It helps them move faster and be agile It resolves their secrets sprawl problem It has reduced 60-70% in time they needed to manage and maintain Vault secrets. It helps his developers focus on […]

Free GitLab SaaS ( will be Limited to 5 Users

gitlab logo

Recently GitLab company has announced that the Free tier of GitLab SaaS (also known as “gitlab dot com”) will have a limit of 5 users per Namespace (**) beginning June 22, 2022. That means that if you use free tier and you have more than 5 users – you have to get ready and […]