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Case Study: How Akeyless Helps Progress

Richard Barretto, VP & CISO at Progress, explains why they chose Akeyless and what the benefits he sees of using it: It helps them move faster and be agile It resolves their secrets sprawl problem It has reduced 60-70% in time they needed to manage and maintain Vault secrets. It helps his developers focus on […]

Free GitLab SaaS ( will be Limited to 5 Users

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Recently GitLab company has announced that the Free tier of GitLab SaaS (also known as “gitlab dot com”) will have a limit of 5 users per Namespace (**) beginning June 22, 2022. That means that if you use free tier and you have more than 5 users – you have to get ready and […]

How to Choose the Optimal Secrets Management Solution

Secrets management solutions tend to be critical and will probably accompany your company for years to come, so it’s important to make the right choice. Here we provide a partial list of tips that can help you choose the best solution for your needs: Are you using more than one cloud provider or do you […]

New Recording: Secrets Management Workshop Using Akeyless Vault

Recently we hosted a live webinar + workshop about Secrets Management, and the recording is ready! One of the well-known challenges in recent years are the secrets sprawl and how to protect secrets. As more companies move to cloud, use Kubernetes or microservices – they understand those challenges are more critical. Recently we have started […]

What’s New in GitLab 14.9

GitLab 14.9 was released yesterday and we’ve just made two updated lists of GitLab features All NEW features (since June 2018) separated by editions, release, popularity, stages and more (so you can easily filter it out by your preferred criteria) ALL GitLab Features separate by editions, categories, documentation and more (so you can quickly find out what’s in one edition VS another edition) We made this […]

HashiCorp Vault VS Akeyless Vault Platform (2023)


Since we provide a variety of secrets management solutions, we’re frequently asked about the differences between HashiCorp Vault and Akeyless Vault platform – so here it is! We made a comparison sheet including more than 10 criteria: Platform; technology; infrastructures; maintenance; required skills; security aspects; high availability (HA) ; user interface (UI) ; Multi-cloud; supporting […]

What is GitOps?

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GitOps is a methodology that takes DevOps best practices used for application lifecylcle development (ALM) such as version control, pull/merge quests, CI/CD, collaboration, compliance,and then applies them to infrastructure-as-code and infrastructure automation. Applying GitOps helps you gain improved efficiency, built-in backups, more security, saving money (by automation and avoiding mistakes), reduced costs and faster deployments. […]

Case Study: Why Cimpress Moved to Akeyless Vault

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Cimpress is a global company with 13 subsidiaries. In this video, the security team of Cimpress discusses their move from their previous secrets management solution to Akeyless Vault Platform. We have added captions for your convenience. Watch the Video (3 min.):   We (ALM-Toolbox) are the official representative of Akeyless worldwide, and we offer end-to-end […]

How to Prevent Data Leaks if Hackers Get Access to your Database?


Every week we hear about the latest website to get hacked, and hackers getting access to another database with consumers’ personal data inside. Just in the last weeks there have been numerous reports of hacking, including stealing the medical records of 290,000 patients of the “Mor Medical Institute,” and releasing data of 1 million subscribers […]

GitLab CI and Akeyless Vault Integration

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You can use Akeyless Vault secret management within GitLab and GitLab CI. Code placed in GitLab or GitLab CI/CD requires secrets in order to properly execute access to various resources. By integrating GitLab CI with Akeyless Vault, you would not need to keep hard coded secrets within the GitLab code repo such as username & […]