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Download our Codeium Comparison Sheet

We have created a detailed comparison between Codeium editions, which will help you choose which edition is the most suitable for you.You can download the comparison – it is an Excel file, so you can also use Excel filters and sorting. Background on Codeium: Codeium offers 3 editions: You can download our comparison here (the […]

VOD Library of Dev DevOps DevSecOps Webinars (2024)

devops webinars video on demand

We’ve recently organized the videos we have recorded over the years into a centralized “library” of VOD (Video On-Demand)

Watch Webinar: Introducing Codeium AI Toolkit + Demo

codeium ai webinar

We are hosting Codeium company to discuss different aspects of generative AI for developers.

We Represent and Support Docker

We are happy to announce that we have been chosen to officially represent the solutions of Docker ,and we now offer licensing, support, integration with complementary tools (such as GitHub / GitLab, Bitbucket, Azure DevOps Jenkins and more), managed services and more. Docker offers several solutions: and add-ons: Docker supports several use cases, including: Our […]

Looking for Jira alternatives?


Following Atlassian’s recent announcement of the discontinuation of Jira Server, we have been receiving inquiries regarding the move to Jira Cloud / Data Center as well as requests for help in choosing an alternative tool (neither Jira nor Atlassian’s). The next post is for those who are looking for a replacement tool for Jira. We […]

Our Assortment of GitLab HA/DR Solutions

business continuity

It is well known that once a system becomes critical for an organization’s daily activities, there arises a need of business continuity, speedy Disaster Recovery (DR) or the ability of the system to be continuously operational for a desirably long length of time (High Availability, aka HA). We help GitLab users worldwide to analyze their […]

How to gain Software Compliance using GitLab ?

In the next article I will explain what Software Compliance is And how the GitLab system can help you achieve this effectively. At the end of the article, there is also access to download an up-to-date and detailed table that we have prepared, detailing all the Compliance capabilities included in GitLab. What is Software Compliance […]

Watch Webinar: Introducing OpenProject: Project Management & Issue Tracking

Introducing OpenProject

Join our webinar! We hosted Robin Wagner, the COO of OpenProject. We explained the product, demonstrate it and of course we will also answer any questions you may ask Agenda: Brief overview of OpenProject Demo: Portfolio / multi-project overview Project creation & configuration Gantt chart Kanban board Integration with git / GitHub / GitLab Wiki […]

What is OpenProject?


OpenProject is a project management tool, development management, issue, and bug tracking tool for shops that are based on both Agile methodologies and veteran methodologies such as waterfall. OpenProject offers flows, forms, and fields that match those methodologies out-of-the-box. This is an open-source alternative tool to Jira – especially for those who realize that Jira […]

Code Security and Compliance using GitLab

gitlab devsecops appsec alm-toolbox

Besides version control and CI/CD, GitLab also offers a variety of security tests on your proprietary code (code you develop) or external code you use (i.e. open source), as well as code compliance capabilities – to help you ensure that you make proper and legal use of any open source libraries and code snippets. In […]