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New Visual Studio Extension for ClearCase Release and End-of-Year Discount

I’m happy to inform you that we now have a new release of our extension for ClearCase. This tool enables you to drill down into the history of any code line in a file. Download Visual Studio Extension If you suffer of slowness and awkwardness of the Version Tree of ClearCase, this extension can save […]

New Slides: Challenges of Multiplatform Installers and Introducing InstallBuilder

  This week we delivered a live webcast where Tamir Gefen (our CEO) and Zeev Tavor (our installer tools expert) discussed of the challenges of multiplatform installers which are important when you build a software tool for more than one operating system. Zeev demonstrated InstallBuilder and compared it to InstallAnywhere and InstallShield. The webcast was […]

Coming Soon: ALM Performance monitoring v1.7 for Jenkins, ClearCase and ClearQuest

  Our new performance monitoring tool is coming soon, and it’s better than ever! What’s new? New API that enables you to dynamically duplicate and remove monitored hosts New integration with ChatOp tools: Slack and Atlassian HipChat Easier installation More accurate email alerts (to avoid email burden) New thresholds New checks unique for Jenkins masters […]

Watch live keynote sessions of Jenkins World 2016

This year’s Jenkins conference offers some interesting announcements related to Jenkins v2.0. You can watch them live at no charge: Wednesday, September 14 9:00 AM -10:00 AM PT Jenkins Community Keynote Address, Kohsuke Kawaguchi,Jenkins Founder and Chief Technology Officer, CloudBees 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM PT CloudBees Keynote Address, Sacha Labourey, CEO and Founder, CloudBees […]

New for ClearCase and Linux: Find Out Where a Certain Code Line was Really Changed

Are you developing on Linux \ UNIX using ClearCase? Do you sometimes have to find out where a certain code line was really changed (and by whom) and feel like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack? We now have our “Get Real Change” utility available on Linux and UNIX! We got feedback by […]

New: Uptime and Network Latency Charts

As part of our recent release of the ALM Performance monitoring tool, we are offering two new charts: an Uptime chart and a network latency chart. We provide these charts embedded in a daily email you can get every morning right into your inbox, and it displays the availability of given hosts you’d like to […]

ALM Performance 1.6.1 is Out!

Today we are releasing the newest version, 1.6.1, of our performance monitoring tool. This version comes after we released version 1.6 about 3 weeks ago, and it contains some improvements we made after we collected feedback from our users. See the dashboard: As a reminder, we offer both Free Edition and Pro Edition, and you […]

3 Most Frequent Questions We Got About Our New Monitoring & Alerting tool

Since we released our latest version 1.6 two weeks ago, including a new free edition we are offering, many users have installed it and we’ve received many questions about the tool. Here you can read the 3 most popular questions that we’ve been asked. We are sharing them since we realize that there are many […]

ALMtoolbox presents smart performance monitoring and alerting tool, including Free Community Edition

Tel Aviv, Israel – June 28, 2016 –  IBM Champion ALMtoolbox, Inc., a firm with offices in the United States and Israel, today announced availability of a free Community edition product called ALM Performance, based upon ALM Performance Pro, their award-winning environment monitoring commercial solution. The Community edition of ALM Performance provides a comprehensive set […]

New Video: Introducing ALM Performance Monitoring & Alerting for ClearCase ClearQuest

For the first time, we now provide a Free Community Edition of our performance monitoring & alerting tool for ClearCase ClearQuest and Jenkins. You can quickly get email alerts when something goes wrong with machine or application, and you can even define thresholds aligned to your needs. Yes it’s free! We provide both Free and […]