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Code Security and Compliance using GitLab

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Besides version control and CI/CD, GitLab also offers a variety of security tests on your proprietary code (code you develop) or external code you use (i.e. open source), as well as code compliance capabilities – to help you ensure that you make proper and legal use of any open source libraries and code snippets. In […]

New: We represent Codeium

We are happy to announce that as part of our ALM and AI solutions, We now also offer the solutions of the Codeium company

About the connection between GitLab and OpenShift


As a company that deals a lot with GitLab and Kubernetes and helps many customers with these issues, We are often asked about the nature of the connection between GitLab and GitLab CI/CD and Kubernetes, and in particular OpenShift. From ongoing engagement on the subject, we have accumulated quite a bit of knowledge and decided […]

GitLab Projects We Have Implemented Over the Years (2023)

In this post we list GitLab projects we have implemented over the years (since 2016) for our customers (and for our own company’s development needs) – all based on GitLab commercial editions or free. Our company has extensive experience in software development and ALM / SCM / DevOps / DevSecOps / IT / AppSec / […]

What is Sonar Commercial Support?

If you need help implementing SonarQube or SonarCloud, Commercial Support services are available (by contacting us to aid you in learning more about Sonar products and provide the guidance you need to get the most value from Sonar solution (SonarQube, SonarCloud and SonarLint). What is Sonar Commercial Support? Sonar Commercial Support is a private […]

New Recording: Clean Code with SonarQube Webinar

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Last update: May 19th 2023 Earlier this week we hosted Gil Zilberfeld from TestinGil to discuss Clean Code and SonarQube. The webinar was free of charge. Clean Code with SonarQube We discussed the benefits of Clean Code and how SonarQube can help you gain the best practices of clean code. Join us for a Webinar […]

Mattermost: The WhatsApp Alternative Ensuring Privacy and Security

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Did you know that Mattermost can be used as a WhatsApp replacement, including a much more private and secure chat and communication tool – and even for free? This is possible both on mobile devices (as an application similar to WhatsApp – including iOS and Android) and as desktop software installed on computers (Windows, Linux, […]

Join our Webinar: Introducing SourceGraph AI and a Live Demo

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Next week we are hosting Sourcegraph company to discuss different aspects of code intelligence and AI. Webinar is free of charge. Code Intelligence and AI using Sourcegraph and Cody A recent StackOverflow developer survey concluded that “Developers spend 75% of their time trying to understand code.” Sourcegraph addresses this challenge by making it easy to […]

Join our Upcoming Events April – May 2023

Join our upcoming webinars and workshops around Dev, Sec and Ops ! All are virtual (on-line). All are in English (unless mentioned different) Most of them will be recorded (and we will share recording with all registrants) Upcoming Live Events: GitLab Security and Compliance Hands-on Workshop 4/18. Register by sending an email including name and […]

Complementary Add-ons We Can Provide on Top of GitLab

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In this post we list GitLab add-ons, services and complementary solutions we can provide to you on top of GitLab