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Watch our Webinar: Getting the most out of Terraform and Terragrunt using env0

Next week we are hosting env0 company to discuss advance aspects of Infrastructure as code, CI/CD and provisioning in cloud computing. Webinar is free of charge (space is limited). Getting the most out of Terraform and Terragrunt using env0 and Ask me Anything We are hosting Tim Davis, DevOps Advocate at env0 Company, to discuss […]

Join our LIVE Webinar: End-to-end Database CI/CD with Jira, GitLab and DBmaestro

Next week we are hosting the CTO of DBmaestro to discuss different aspects of CI/CD for databases. Webinar is free of charge (space is limited) End-to-end Database CI/CD with Jira, GitLab CI and DBmaestro  We are hosting Yaniv Yehuda, CTO and Co-founder in DBmaestro Company, to discuss how you can utilize Jira, GitLab CI and DBmaestro […]

What’s New in GitLab 14.3

GitLab 14.3 was released yesterday and we’ve just made two updated lists of GitLab features All NEW features (since June 2018) separated by editions, release, popularity, stages and more (so you can easily filter it out by your preferred criteria) ALL GitLab Features separate by editions, categories, documentation and more (so you can quickly find out what’s in one edition VS another edition) We made this automatically […]

Database Dry Run with DBmaestro

dry run illustration

In this article we explain what is a database dry run and how DBmaestro can help you get the most out of it.   What is “Dry Run” Every DBA knows the concerns when it is time to deploy to production. Will it work? Will it break something? Nobody wants to fix bugs while the […]

Get Terraform Cheat Sheet (Updated to 2021)

Want to download the complete Terraform Cheat Sheet, including Terraform Cloud? That cheat sheet can help you learn more about Terraform Cloud ; Terraform commands ; Terraform CLI and more.   Get it sent for free to your inbox right after filling this form: Leave your details and you quickly get an email with a […]

Vault HCP Cloud VS Vault Enterprise


As you probably know, a few months ago HashiCorp started offering the popular Vault product as a managed service in the cloud (known as “Vault HCP” or Vault Cloud), until then this had  only been offered as an on-premises product – Vault OSS and Vault Enterprise. We recently (in response to questions from our customers) […]

New: VOD Library of DevOps Webinars

devops webinars video on demand

We’ve recently organized the videos we have recorded over the years into a centralized “library” of VOD (Video On-Demand) . We arranged it by products, tags, language and recording date (at your convivence). Feel free to find what interests you the most and watch! >> The DevOps VOD library is available here  

Join our Webinar: Introducing Vault Cloud (HCP)

We hosted Jonathan Vermeulen, Senior Solutions Engineer in HashiCorp Company, to discuss about Vault and give you the chance to ask questions about Vault and HashiCorp’s latest SaaS offering. Vault Cloud (HCP) offers ease of use, no management, faster time to value, flexibility and utilizing Vault as a Service. It’s eventually the same functionality of […]

Building Infrastructure using Terraform

hashicorp terraform logo

Here are two real use cases where we helped our customers to build “Infrastructure as Code” using Terraform. 1. Customer from segment of energy saving and IoT The customer has a web application build using GitLab CI. The customer uses AWS as an infrastructure with Cloud front, S3, Route 53 and external DNS provider. They […]

Join our Webinar: What’s New in HashiCorp Vault

Next week we are hosting HashiCorp company to discuss different aspects of using Vault effectively. Webinar is free of charge. Introducing Vault 1.7, Vault Cloud and “Ask Me Anything” (April 21th at 11AM CEST)   We are hosting John Boero, Solution Engineer in HashiCorp Company, to discuss about Vault and give you the chance to […]