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Creating GitLab Branches from Jira

GitLab jira integration create branch

Many projects use GitLab together with Jira. In such a combination, GitLab is used for git repository management, code review (by merge requests [MRs]) and CI/CD, while Jira manages development tasks, bugs and planning. GitLab provides a basic integration with Jira, which allows you to create links between Jira issues and GitLab commits and MRs, […]

New Recording: Vault AMA Webinar

hashicorp vault webinar recording

Last week we hosted John Boero from HashiCorp company, who presented what’s new in Vault (for about half an hour) and also answered questions asked about the product (for about another half hour). A total of 19 questions were asked and he managed to answer them all! We added the questions at the end of […]

Join our webinars series of “What’s New and Ask Me Anything” About HashiCorp Toolset

webinars series

We’d like to invite you to a live webinars series (4 webinars) about HashiCorp toolset – 4 live sessions of “Ask Me Anything” and introducing the latest news about each product. Each webinar will be 50 minutes and cover one of the following tools: Vault, Terraform, Consul and Nomad. We’ll be hosting John Boero – a HashiCorp […]

GitLab Installation: CE or EE?

gitlab editions community enterprise

Many companies planning to start using GitLab are not sure whether to go for the free Community Edition (CE) or for the paid Enterprise Edition (EE). Some decide to start with CE and consider switching to EE later, if they feel that they need more functionality and/or that they want GitLab’s support. Now what version […]

New demo: How SonarQube is integrated with GitLab

A new video titled “ Code Quality & Security in Your Development Workflow” was released last week by SonarSource – the manufacturer of SonarQube (and a company we represent). In this video they demonstrate how SonarQube can be integrated with GitLab, GitLab CI/CD and other SCM tools.We took this video and edited it in order […]

New in GitLab Version 13.0: GitLab Introduces Improved High Availability (HA)


GitLab version 13.0, released just days ago, now allows for high availability and redundancy of the Git storage component. This is important if GitLab is critical for your organization, and its downtime disables software development, CI/CD pipelines and delivery times. We are talking about Gitaly — one of GitLab’s most important components. Let’s talk about Gitaly […]

GitHub Follows GitLab and Offers Unlimited Private Repositories for Free

Starting from today, GitHub is offering unlimited free repositories – at no charge  – on their public cloud (github dot com). It’s good for those who have a side-project and they want to keep it private; those who want to keep files private and those who want to hide a project before they make it […]

Bitbucket Ejects Mercurial – It’s Time for git


Bitbucket announcement Back in 2008, when Bitbucket (formerly Stash), Atlassian’s version-controlled software-hosting service, was launched, it supported only Mercurial repositories. Since then the version control software market has evolved, and Git became the de-facto standard.  According to StackOverfow’s 2018 survey, more than 87% of developers used Git and less than 4% used Mercurial. On August […]

New: CI Module for “The Shield” application to improve its Code Security and Fight Coronavirus


To encourage downloads of the ‘Shield’ app that fights coronavirus, we have built a complementary Continuous Integration (CI) solution and code scanners to improve information security, code security and privacy of the app. We also invite the developers to use it freely and continuously in future. A few days ago, the Israeli Ministry of Health […]

Working from Home – Tools and Methodologies

working from home remote work

Due to the latest global events and frequently asked questions, we’ve decided to gather tools and services that can help you manage remote work and working from home. We’d be happy to answer any question regarding environment setup, consulting, licensing and support. Contact us: Services to support remote work Migration of test and development environments […]