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Atlassian Changed the Rules. What’s Next?

Recently Atlassian company shocked and angered its community of users worldwide (including ourselves) by deciding to sunset its on-premises software. We support many customers with Atlassian on-premises installations, and during the last few weeks we have received dozens of inquiries asking,  “What do we do now?” My first response was, “Wait a little, if you […]

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Demo: Development workflow using GitLab and OpenProject

Recently, there has been a growing interest in Jira -alternative project management tools that work on a private server (on-premises / self-hosted) or in the cloud, can be connected to git or GitLab /GitHub and are open-source. One of the tools that meets those requirements is OpenProject – a product we officially represent and provide […]

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What is OpenProject?

OpenProject is a project management tool, development management, issue, and bug tracking tool for shops that are based on both Agile methodologies and veteran methodologies such as waterfall. OpenProject offers flows, forms, and fields that match those methodologies out-of-the-box. This is an open-source alternative tool to Jira – especially for those who realize that Jira […]

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