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Watch Webinar: Introducing OpenProject: Project Management & Issue Tracking

Join our webinar!

We hosted Robin Wagner, the COO of OpenProject.
We explained the product, demonstrate it and of course we will also answer any questions you may ask


    • Brief overview of OpenProject
    • Demo:
      • Portfolio / multi-project overview
      • Project creation & configuration
      • Gantt chart
      • Kanban board
      • Integration with git / GitHub / GitLab
      • Wiki
      • Meetings
  • How to import from Jira?
  • Brief Case Studies and success stories
  • Questions and Answers (Q & A)

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    * Are you using Openproject?

    OpenProject is an alternative to Atlassian Jira and Confluence and can help you in project management, task management, development workflows and business processes.
    It’s offered as self-managed and SaaS so it could also replace Jira Server and Confluence Server which are end-of-life and out-of-support very soon.

    It contains many built-in capabilities so you don’t have to buy Jira plugins.

    It’s an open-source tool and there is also a free edition.
    We also offer our managed service on a private cloud, and we also developed Hebrew support (including writing from right to left / left to right)

    OpenProject could also be connected to code management tools such as GitLab / GitHub (and more).

    We (ALM-Toolbox) officially represent OpenProject and we provide consulting, managed service, training, help in choosing the appropriate license and more.
    Contact us for any questions including trial license and consulting: openproject@almtoolbox.com
    or call us: 
    866-503-1471 (USA & Canada) / +33 01 84 17 53 28 (France) / +972-722-405-222