Palamida Open Source Compliance

Do you know what open source components hide in your code?

Palamida delivers software and services that provide unique visibility into what makes up a software development project,
Enabling you to effectively manage and secure your use of Open Source and other third-party code.
We enable organizations to use and reuse code from many sources – and do so while reducing the risk of license violations,
Software vulnerabilities and export control violations.
Our patented code search technology scans source and binary materials and produces an inventory of software components used
A software bill of materials – and flags issues that are exceptions to your policy.

Scan and Analyze.

Palamida is the leader in advanced techniques to identify Open Source and other third party software in use within your development projects.

Request and Authorize

Palamida's system for request and approval is the result of close collaboration with some of the largest software companies in the world.

Manage IP Compliance

Accurate scan results plus tools for policy creation, legal guidance and more make compliance accurate and consistent.

Monitor Vulnerability Status

Continuous updates of new Open Source vulnerabilities enables rapid response to reported security issues in the components you use.