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Why AppsFlyer Moved from Bitbucket to GitLab

Watch an interesting case study how AppsFlyer moved from Bitbucket to GitLab   Transcription: Hello, my name is Elad Leev. I’m a platform engineer from AppsFlyer and I’ve been there for the last two and a half years I love distributed systems and databases and I’m doing it for a while. I like to call […]

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Watch: How AppsFlyer Moved from Bitbucket to GitLab

Few months ago we invited Elad Leev, a DevOps Engineer at AppsFlyer company, to explain why they migrated away from Bitbucket to GitLab. He also shared some tips and best practices of applying the migration. Elad demonstrated the architecture they built for a new secured and rapid environment of GitLab including AWS, GCP and HashiCorp […]

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GNOME Project is Now Using GitLab

GNOME, one of the most recognized, respected projects in the open source world, has moved to GitLab to manage their more than 400 software projects and nearly 900 (!) contributors.  GNOME software is used by millions of people worldwide, and is one of the largest and oldest free software projects. It’s best known for […]

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