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Free-of-Charge Serverless Computing Using GitLab CI/CD

In short: GitLab CI/CD lets you run your programs without the need to maintain your own computer, free of charge. A few months ago, we started distributing, to some of our customers, Excel sheets listing GitLab features. How did we create those sheets? We wrote a script, which used GitLab API to extract information from […]

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Watch: How AppsFlyer Moved from Bitbucket to GitLab

Few months ago we invited Elad Leev, a DevOps Engineer at AppsFlyer company, to explain why they migrated away from Bitbucket to GitLab. He also shared some tips and best practices of applying the migration. Elad demonstrated the architecture they built for a new secured and rapid environment of GitLab including AWS, GCP and HashiCorp […]

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GNOME Project is Now Using GitLab

GNOME, one of the most recognized, respected projects in the open source world, has moved to GitLab to manage their more than 400 software projects and nearly 900 (!) contributors.  GNOME software is used by millions of people worldwide, and is one of the largest and oldest free software projects. It’s best known for […]

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Case Study: Thomson Reuters shares their development process combining GitLab, Jenkins and Slack

Last week we hosted a GitLab event for R&D and DevOps managers. A satisfied GitLab user, Matan Keidar of Thomson Reuters, presented his work at the company, including GitLab, Jenkins and Slack. After receiving good feedback on this story, we decided to publish it here on the blog (text summary and a video recording). The […]

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The Importance of well-defined thresholds when administering ClearCase, Jenkins or ClearQuest

This time I’d like to share some insights we observed when we helped our first users to install our monitoring & alerting tool for ClearCase, Jenkins and ClearQuest. A threshold is the point at which your system begins to experience difficulties. For example: high memory usage in your Jenkins master or a low number of […]

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Meet ALMtoolbox in London on November 25th!

Our company has been chosen by the UK Rational User Community to present a case study on utilizing Continuous Integration with ClearCase and Jenkins (see agenda and reserve your seat here). This could be your chance to get a private demo from our head of development about our add-on tools for ClearCase and ClearQuest, including […]

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A Leading Company Accelerates Development and Improves Collaboration with Visual Annotate for ClearCase

“I am using Visual Annotate daily to understand in which context the code was written. For every line of code it shows me who wrote it, in what version and associated issue, and what is its impact. This information accelerates my work and helps me to collaborate better with my colleagues.” Gene Cook, Software Engineer […]

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New Success Story: HP Accelerates R&D processes with our R&D Reporter

Learn how R&D Reporter helps HP Indigo improve collaboration within the R&D team and increase traceability: HP Indigo Case Study

Read more » Saves Money on Visual MainWin project in Maintenance Mode by using GoMidjets ClearCheck

“With ClearCheck we have an ongoing assurance that our ClearCase environment and VOBs are working properly. Instead of occasional manual checking which cost us money and added one more task to a busy schedule, we now get notice if there is a problem and exactly what it is. ClearCheck has made my job much easier.”  […]

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