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New for ClearCase and Linux: Find Out Where a Certain Code Line was Really Changed

Are you developing on Linux \ UNIX using ClearCase? Do you sometimes have to find out where a certain code line was really changed (and by whom) and feel like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack? We now have our “Get Real Change” utility available on Linux and UNIX! We got feedback by […]

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New: ALM Performance v1.6 is out!

We are happy to announce the new release of ALM Performance v1.6, our monitoring and alerting tool for Jenkins, ClearCase, ClearQuest. Since the release of the previous release (v1.5) a month ago, we have received and incorporated feedback from many of our users and we have tried to address all of needs with this latest version. This […]

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New: ClearCheck v2.8

We just released the latest version of our health checks solution for ClearCase. ClearCheck helps you to apply best practices and to implement IBM recommendations which ensure that the data stored in ClearCase is continuously valid, healthy and not corrupted. ClearCheck scans for, analyzes and reports on problems that can arise in ClearCase infrastructures, including […]

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ClearCheck V 2.7 is Out! What’s New?

We are happy to announce the addition of four great new features which further enhance convenience and flexibility, resulting in a more robust solution that provides peace of mind with regard to the health of your ClearCase VOB servers. NEW consolidation: Scan all VOB servers simultaneously and get ONE integrated health status report for all […]

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“With ClearCheck we have an ongoing assurance that our ClearCase environment and VOBs are working properly. Instead of occasional manual checking which cost us money and added one more task to a busy schedule, we now get notice if there is a problem and exactly what it is. ClearCheck has made my job much easier.”  […]

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How to Integrate ClearCheck with your ClearCase Backup Script

ClearCheck, our add-on solution for monitoring the health of ClearCase enviornments, has a command line interface that enables administrators to include checks as part of the daily locking and unlocking of VOBs for backup. To download a trial version, click here: Windows In most cases, the backup script includes the following steps: Lock all ClearCase […]

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ClearCheck 2.0 Launched: Daily ClearCase VOBs Health Report are now Easier than Ever

We’re happy to announce a new version of ClearCheck with a completely new reporting utility that allows ClearCase administrators to overview VOB’s health at a glance. ClearCheck monitors ClearCase VOBs and alerts on any issue or problem. The new version includes upgraded report and report customization. It also supports Windows 7 and secured communication. What’s […]

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4 simple steps to install and customize ClearCheck

The new ClearCheck version, V1.7, suggests a simpler procedure for installing ClearCheck in order to ensure that your ClearCase environment is healthy. It takes only 3 minutes to install and receive a preliminary report! Here are the 4 steps to follow after you download ClearCheck (To download the latest version: 1. Select your VOB […]

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ClearCase 7.1.1 was released

So what’s new? New ClearCase version contains defect fixes, new features and added platform support. Here it’s categorized by groups: General Enhancements Primary group intersection algorithm Clone baseline – Create a new baseline by cloning an existing baseline Suppressing unnecessary clearfsimport checkouts Enhanced Properties view Suppressing unnecessary clearfsimport checkouts Windows Performance improvement in Windows version […]

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Take ClearCase Add-ons for a “Test-Drive”!

  Recently, We’ve finished the development and testing of new complementary products for ClearCase and ClearCase UCM. These products automate some ClearCase processes, suitable for all operating systems (Windows, UNIX and Linux) and can make your life easier 🙂 If you’d like to join this beta offering and get some benefits in return, please leave […]

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