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ClearCheck 2.0 Launched: Daily ClearCase VOBs Health Report are now Easier than Ever

We’re happy to announce a new version of ClearCheck with a completely new reporting utility that allows ClearCase administrators to overview VOB’s health at a glance. ClearCheck monitors ClearCase VOBs and alerts on any issue or problem. The new version includes upgraded report and report customization. It also supports Windows 7 and secured communication.

What’s New?

a) Visual Reporting

  • Enhanced visual presentation of results in a useful table
  • Color-coded icons for quick review of the results: valid in green, warnings in yellow and errors in red.
  • Advice is better positioned for clarity
  • Summary of errors and warnings
  • Option to show only errors and warnings in reports sent to the administrator’s email

ClearCase Health Checks Report

To watch a full report as it seen in your browser, click here.

b) Reporting options

  • Presentable PDF reports that can be sent out to management or external consultants (watch an example).
  • Customizable report header
  • Option to send report as email with HTML or PDF attachment

c) Compatibility

  • Supports Windows 7
  • Supports SSH private\public keys authetication on Unix/ Linux servers
  • Complies with SOX security requirements
  • Better integration with Windows scheduler for easier daily reporting
  • New dynamic varialbes for tight integration with backup systems
  • Improved integration with ClearCase backups and (IBM, NetApp, HDS, Sun etc.)

What’s Next?