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ALM Performance 1.6.1 is Out!

Today we are releasing the newest version, 1.6.1, of our performance monitoring tool. This version comes after we released version 1.6 about 3 weeks ago, and it contains some improvements we made after we collected feedback from our users. See the dashboard: As a reminder, we offer both Free Edition and Pro Edition, and you […]

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New performance monitoring tool for ClearCase is coming soon!

Note: we have a quick survey with 2 questions at the end of this post. Your feedback is important and highly appreciated! Click to jump to the questions We’re happy to announce that a new performance monitoring tool for ClearCase is currently being developed. It will be able to monitor your entire ClearCase deployment, including servers […]

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Webinar: Best Practices for Getting Real-time Status on ClearCase UCM Projects

Following our successful webinar on how to be more Agile with Rational ClearCase by using CompBL (replay is available here), we delivered another webiner in this series. The next webinar was more technical and was functioned as a tutorial for CompBL, our solution for applying ClearCase best practices. The speaker was Bob Aiello, Principal Consultant […]

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ClearCheck 2.0 Launched: Daily ClearCase VOBs Health Report are now Easier than Ever

We’re happy to announce a new version of ClearCheck with a completely new reporting utility that allows ClearCase administrators to overview VOB’s health at a glance. ClearCheck monitors ClearCase VOBs and alerts on any issue or problem. The new version includes upgraded report and report customization. It also supports Windows 7 and secured communication. What’s […]

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