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Webinar: Best Practices for Getting Real-time Status on ClearCase UCM Projects

Following our successful webinar on how to be more Agile with Rational ClearCase by using CompBL (replay is available here), we delivered another webiner in this series.

The next webinar was more technical and was functioned as a tutorial for CompBL, our solution for applying ClearCase best practices.

The speaker was Bob Aiello, Principal Consultant for CM Best Practices Consulting and author of Configuration Management Best Practices : Practical Methods that Work in the Real World (http://cmbestpractices.com)

This Webinar was addressed:

  • Agile and Continuous Integration (CI) overview
  • The ClearCase challenges regarding Agile CM
  • CompBL  tutorial:
  • How to determine UCM status information
  • How to take a comparison scope and get a project status
  • Report types
  • How to automate generating of reports
  • Advanced reporting: comparing of composite baselines and recommended baselines
  • Comparison Rules
  • Dynamic comparison Rules
  • How to set and customize reports (Release Notes, Audit report etc.)
  • How to integrate the tool with your build and CI tools
  • Charts for BI over ClearCase
  • CompBL licensing models
  • Q&A
    — How to find undelivered activities
    — How to compare recommended baseline with previous recommended baseline
    — How to Find streams which have not been rebased recently

To watch the webinar, click on screen:

Real-time reporting for ClearCase UCM

About CompBL:
CompBL is a ClearCase add-on that provides Real-time Visibility on the status of your ClearCase UCM Projects.
CompBL provides meaningful comparison reports in terms of ClearCase objects: streams, baselines (including recommended and composite), activities, change-sets, delivery, rebase and more. To download a trial version, click here.