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New performance monitoring tool for ClearCase is coming soon!

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We’re happy to announce that a new performance monitoring tool for ClearCase is currently being developed. It will be able to monitor your entire ClearCase deployment, including servers and clients, and will provide an intelligent and comprehensive picture of your performance issues.

This tool will also find correlations between infrastructures and application performance and  point out root causes of poor performance.

We have a prototype with a live demo, including 3 reports: retrospective report (ClearCase server + ClearCase client); real-time report and consumed memory and CPU per VOB report

We are hoping to have this product ready in approximately 3 months, and we’d appreciate your valuable feedback on the 2 questions below. Your response will help us get this new product into your hands sooner.
We can also promise early access to the beta release when it is released.

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If you’d like to read more about this upcoming tool, click here and download the brochure.