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ALMtoolbox presents smart performance monitoring and alerting tool, including Free Community Edition

Tel Aviv, Israel – June 28, 2016 –  IBM Champion ALMtoolbox, Inc., a firm with offices in the United States and Israel, today announced availability of a free Community edition product called ALM Performance, based upon ALM Performance Pro, their award-winning environment monitoring commercial solution. The Community edition of ALM Performance provides a comprehensive set […]

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New Video: Introducing ALM Performance Monitoring & Alerting for ClearCase ClearQuest

For the first time, we now provide a Free Community Edition of our performance monitoring & alerting tool for ClearCase ClearQuest and Jenkins. You can quickly get email alerts when something goes wrong with machine or application, and you can even define thresholds aligned to your needs. Yes it’s free! We provide both Free and […]

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New: ALM Performance v1.6 is out!

We are happy to announce the new release of ALM Performance v1.6, our monitoring and alerting tool for Jenkins, ClearCase, ClearQuest. Since the release of the previous release (v1.5) a month ago, we have received and incorporated feedback from many of our users and we have tried to address all of needs with this latest version. This […]

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Jenkins Monitoring: New Release and New Video are Now Available

Last week we released v1.4 of our monitoring & alerting solution for Jenkins hosts. To mark the occasion, we created a short new video that introduces this cutting-edge tool: Watch 3 min. introductory video:   Click to download ALM Vitality Did you know? ALM Vitality provides continuous monitoring and it covers the following checks: Monitoring […]

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ALM Vitality v1.4 is Out! See What’s New for Monitoring Jenkins, ClearCase, and ClearQuest

We’re happy to announce the new release of ALM Vitality v1.4, our vitality monitoring and alerting tool for Jenkins, ClearCase, ClearQuest. In this release we’re focused on some enhancements based on requests from our veteran users, including support for Oracle database; UI improvements and email alert improvements. Click to download   What is new in […]

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The Importance of well-defined thresholds when administering ClearCase, Jenkins or ClearQuest

This time I’d like to share some insights we observed when we helped our first users to install our monitoring & alerting tool for ClearCase, Jenkins and ClearQuest. A threshold is the point at which your system begins to experience difficulties. For example: high memory usage in your Jenkins master or a low number of […]

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How To Fix Outages Quickly And Avoid Embarrassing Faults

This time I’d like to talk about the touchy issue when a service (you take charge of) does not function and you’re the last one to know about… Would’t you want to avoid this the next time it happens? For instance, If you take charge of ClearCase: don’t you want to know when a certain […]

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