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Jenkins Monitoring: New Release and New Video are Now Available

Last week we released v1.4 of our monitoring & alerting solution for Jenkins hosts. To mark the occasion, we created a short new video that introduces this cutting-edge tool:

Watch 3 min. introductory video:


Click to download ALM Vitality

Did you know?

ALM Vitality provides continuous monitoring and it covers the following checks:

  1. Monitoring stuck jobs: report jobs that are running more time than they should. You configure which jobs to monitor, and you can determine a relevant threshold for each monitored job separately;
  2. Test to make sure that Jenkins (Linux \ UNIX) process or Jenkins (Windows) service is up and running;
  3. Check to see if the Jenkins web application running is responding correctly;
  4. Check if the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) is running;
  5. Check if the host is alive and can be reached over the network;
  6. Test to make sure that all the needed ports for the web application are listening;
  7. Monitor the status of the server’s available storage capacity (including pre-defined thresholds and notifications before you run out of space).

Dashboard of ALM Vitality

If you have any  questions about technical issues or about pricing, please email apm@almtoolbox.com

P.S. This tool also monitors ClearCase & ClearQuest, and just like for Jenkins, it alerts for malfunctions on both the application and infrastructure layers.