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ClearCase 7.1.1 was released

So what’s new?

New ClearCase version contains defect fixes, new features and added platform support. Here it’s categorized by groups:

General Enhancements

  • Primary group intersection algorithm
  • Clone baseline – Create a new baseline by cloning an existing baseline
  • Suppressing unnecessary clearfsimport checkouts
  • Enhanced Properties view
  • Suppressing unnecessary clearfsimport checkouts


  • Performance improvement in Windows version tree browser

Sun Solaris

  • Support for Solaris branded zones


  • Rational ClearCase z/OS features

ClearCase UCM

  • Enhanced support for ClearCase UCM Activities
  • Enhanced support for ClearCase UCM Components

Base ClearCase

  • Atomic checkin operations (for Base ClearCase)
  • Mylyn task integration
  • Enable the Japanese user interface for the base ClearCase integration with Rational ClearQuest

CCRC (ClearCase remote client) new features

  • Support for external, 3rd-party Compare/Merge Providers
  • Mylyn task integration
  • New support for transactional checkins
  • Enhanced support for Branch Types, Label Types, UCM Activities and components

Treatment of redundant packets by multitool syncreplica


  • Set the concurrency level in clearmake builds

We have tested this version and we are glad to announce that our ClearCase plug-ins are seamlessly integrated with this new version.