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Meet ALMtoolbox in London on November 25th!

London ClearCase Jenkins

Our company has been chosen by the UK Rational User Community to present a case study on utilizing Continuous Integration with ClearCase and Jenkins (see agenda and reserve your seat here).

This could be your chance to get a private demo from our head of development about our add-on tools for ClearCase and ClearQuest, including our upcoming new toolset.

Schedule a private meeting for November 25th (located at IBM Southbank London).

Interested in a demo? Enter your details and we’ll get back to you

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    Meanwhile, you can see demo and screenshots of the following tools:

    1. Performance Monitoring for ClearCase ClearQuest
    2. Vitality Monitoring for ClearCase ClearQuest
    3. Reporting and charts for ClearCase ClearQuest, RTC or JIRA
    4. Visual Annotate for ClearCase \ ClearQuest \ JIRA (including integration with Visual Studio and Eclipse)
    5. Health Checks solution for ClearCase VOBs and ClearCase servers
    6. Setting up work environments for ClearCase \ ClearQuest
    7. ClearCase integration with JIRA (coming soon)
    8. ClearCase integration with Bamboo (coming soon)

    Note: you can click on any of the links above to watch a demo or download it (there are free editions)

    Contact me with any questions at noah@almtoolbox.com

    “Palace of Westminster, London – Feb 2007″ by Diliff – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 via Commons