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Case Study: How Akeyless Helps Stash

Gavin Grisamore, CISO at Stash, explains why they chose Akeyless and how it helps them resolve challenges in using secrets and Kubernetes Watch the video: (1 min.) “I would absolutely recommend Akeyless to any organization that is struggling with secrets management or privileged access management” Related links: Akeyless secrets management Interview: Managing Human and Machine […]

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Case Study: How Akeyless Helps Progress

Richard Barretto, VP & CISO at Progress, explains why they chose Akeyless and what the benefits he sees of using it: It helps them move faster and be agile It resolves their secrets sprawl problem It has reduced 60-70% in time they needed to manage and maintain Vault secrets. It helps his developers focus on […]

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New Recording: Secrets Management Workshop Using Akeyless Vault

Recently we hosted a live webinar + workshop about Secrets Management, and the recording is ready! One of the well-known challenges in recent years are the secrets sprawl and how to protect secrets. As more companies move to cloud, use Kubernetes or microservices – they understand those challenges are more critical. Recently we have started […]

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