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Our up-to-date offering for Secrets management

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secrets management

We’re frequently asked about Secrets Management Solutions.
This is a hot topic related to moving to the cloud, working with Kubernetes, digital transformation,
protecting important data, secure code development, application security and more.

This is a topic for which we have accumulated a lot of knowledge. In fact, we are certified and officially represent some solutions.
So I thought I would summarize our current range of solutions in a short and up-to-date article.

Our variety of solutions:

  1. We offer solutions for closed networks (“air-gapped” and disconnected from the Internet)
    and for networks that are connected to the Internet.
  2. We also have a hybrid solution (for on-premises environments with an Internet connection) from Infisical.
  3. We also offer our own quality support for the free (open source) version of HashiCorp Vault,
    which includes an option for managed service.
  4. We offer managed SaaS solutions (by HashiCorp and Infisical),
    saving you a lot of hassle in building infrastructure and ongoing maintenance of the system
    (Especially when the system is critical and with a complex high-availability infrastructure).
  5. We also offer our own unique High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) solution on top of the free edition of HashiCorp Vault.
  6. For those interested, we offer the HashiCorp Vault Enterprise Solution (including licensing and subscriptions).
  7. We also offer complementary solutions for managing certificates and managing identities of machine connections, as well as supporting Kubernetes.

To sum up:

We know how to match your specific needs with the solution that best suits your requirements and budget, and help you manage your licensing properly and avoid unnecessary costs.

We officially represent the solutions of HashiCorp and Infisical.
For more details contact us and we will be happy to help and guide you: secrets@almtoolbox.com or by phone: International +972-722-405-222 / 866-503-1471 (USA / Canada)
First release: June 16, 2022