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Case Study: How Akeyless Helps Progress

Richard Barretto, VP & CISO at Progress, explains why they chose Akeyless and what the benefits he sees of using it:

  • It helps them move faster and be agile
  • It resolves their secrets sprawl problem
  • It has reduced 60-70% in time they needed to manage and maintain Vault secrets.
  • It helps his developers focus on development and do their real job
  • It has out-of-the-box integration with internal tools
  • They got a great support by Akeyless support team

Watch the video:  (1 min.)


Akeyless allows our teams to be very agile
because it’s designed to live in the cloud as a software, as a service.
It’s highly available, 24×7, across multi-cloud platform.
And so, because of that, it allows teams to move much faster.

(I’m) Richard Barretto, Chief Information Security Officer
and Vice President here at Progress.

We have products in application experience
that are for developers and give them the necessary tools
so that they can build solutions for consumers.
And then also, our DevOps tool sets.

Challenge: Secrets Sprawl

The challenges for us is secret sprawl.
And then also, we’re working across different environments.
And so, to be able to manage that
and get some visibility,
where all my secrets are,
is really important.

One of our other challenges is too is that now we’re digital.

We might be working across different cloud systems
like AWS, Google.

And so what Akeyless provides for us, it provides us that multi-cloud strategy.

So we saved a lot of time with Akeyless.

Saving Maintenance Time

It reduced about 60 – 70 % of our time

to manage and also maintain, patch, and then also provision, and not really worry about security
and then focus on our core service back to the business

which is developing features, functionality, or software applications.

One of the things that Akeyless brought when we were looking at them
which we thought was a great advantage was that they already had toolsets already integrated, built right out the box.
Of my experience working with Akeyless from the get go from the sale cycle, from the demonstration to integration has been great – they’re there.

I always feel like they’re available whenever we need them.
I feel like they’re an extension of our team.

And so that’s the value that I get out of the Akeyless.