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GitLab vs GitHub vs Bitbucket – SaaS Cloud Differences 2022


gitlab vs github vs bitbucket

Last update: July 25th 2022

We’re asked many times about the differences of SaaS offering (public cloud) provided by GitHub, GitLab and Atlassian Bitbucket.
The vendors tend to update terms and offering quite frequently,
so we decided to make an up-to-date comparison list (Excel sheet) with all relevant criteria,

  • Max users (private repos)
  • Max repo size
  • Max file size
  • Max API calls per hour (per client)
  • Max storage
  • Max CI/CD minutes per month
  • Max transfer per month
  • Max private repo?
  • Open Source?
  • Where located?
  • Security certifications

Download the list including our interpretation:



    We compared 9 editions:

    1. GitHub Free
    2. GitHub Team
    3. GitHub Enterprise
    4. GitLab Free
    5. GitLab Premium
    6. GitLab Ultimate
    7. Bitbucket Cloud Free
    8. Bitbucket Cloud Standard
    9. Bitbucket Cloud Premium

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    We used the following sources: gitbhub.com, docs.gitlab.com, atlassian.net


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