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GitLab Projects We Have Implemented Over the Years (2023)

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In this post we list GitLab projects we have implemented over the years (since 2016)
for our customers (and for our own company’s development needs) – all based on GitLab commercial editions or free.

Our company has extensive experience in software development and ALM / SCM / DevOps / DevSecOps / IT / AppSec / SDLC methodologies and tooling,
so it allows us to quickly explore our customers’ needs and help them choose the best methods and tools that could fit their exact needs.

We continuously update the following list (you may register below to get updates).

First release: February 2018

GitLab Projects we have planned & applied over the years:

  • Custom integration with Jira (e.g. creating GitLab branches from Jira)
  • Custom integration with ClearCase + git
  • Custom integration with Bitbucket
  • Building workflows integrating GitLab + git + Jira + Jenkins
  • Adding custom fields to GitLab’s SCM and CI (watch a demo)
  • Connecting GitLab CI to GitHub’s SCM
  • Creating a fully-automated Release Notes document for customers using data gathered from GitLab and Jira (click to learn more)
  • Comparing GitLab vs GitHub vs Bitbucket (both on technical side and economic / pricing)
  • Comparing GitLab CI vs GitHub Actions
  • Comparing GitLab CI vs Jenkins
  • Comparing GitLab free vs GitLab Starter vs Premium vs Ultimate editions
  • Comparing GitLab SaaS vs GitLab self-managed for economics reasons (FinOps)
  • Comparing GitLab SaaS vs GitLab self-managed for security reasons (DevSecOps)
  • Displacing GitHub with GitLab
  • Comparing Bitbucket Data Center vs GitLab’s High Availability (HA) and DR / Geo solutions (click to learn more)
  • Migration from ClearCase to git + GitLab
  • Migration from Bitbucket to GitLab
  • Migration from SVN to git + GitLab
  • Migration from ClearQuest to GitLab’s issue tracking
  • Integrating GitLab CI runners with Kubernetes (see our workshop)
  • Integrating GitLab with HashiCorp Vault
  • Integrating GitLab with HashiCorp Terraform (watch a case study)
  • Integrating GitLab CI with Akeyless Vault (see our workshop)
  • Integrating GitLab with SonarQube
  • Integrating GitLab with Slack (send Merge Request notifications to Slack, and send them back from Slack to GitLab’s Merge Requests and CI. We enabled end-user to configure the relevant notifications they need)
  • Integrating GitLab with Taiga (watch a demo)
  • Integrating GitLab with OpenProject (watch a demo)
  • Replicating GitLab instance and repos from AWS to GCP
  • Running GitLab and GitLab CI over Oracle cloud computing (see our workshop)
  • Implementing GitLab as the “Classic 4” for version control, issue tracking, CI and code review (click to learn more).
  • Performance improvements: testing GitLab performance and latency on AWS vs GCP vs Azure
  • Monitoring GitLab performance
  • Monitoring GitLab licensing usage (using GitLab API)
  • Utilizing GitLab as a SSO login for Mattermost
  • Displacing GitLab with GitHub
  • Integrating dependabot (a security tool) with GitLab


  • git + GitLab + GitLab CI for developers
  • GitLab Admin
  • GitLab CI Admin
  • Advanced git training
  • GitLab + Kubernetes workshop (see our workshop)
  • GitLab and code security & compliance training
  • GitLab CI with Akeyless workshop (click to learn more)
  • Organizing more than 10 free on-site and online meetups (we won a “GitLab Hero” recognition for those activities)

Do you need any help with GitLab?

You can always contact us and we will be happy to answer: gitlab@almtoolbox.com or +972-722-240-5222 (International) / 866-503-147 (USA / Canada).
We provide GitLab consulting, licenses / subscriptions, support, managed services and more.

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