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What’s new in GitLab 15.8 ?

GitLab 15.8 was released  earlier this week with a total of 21 new features and improvements – both in self-managed (on your server or in a private cloud) and in the public cloud (gitlab.com).

gitlab release 15.8

The 21 new features are distributed among GitLab editions as follows:

  • 14 new features in the GitLab Free edition
  • 4 in GitLab Premium (which contains all of the features in the Free edition + dozens of more features as well)
  • and 3 in GitLab Ultimate (which contains all the Premium features + dozens of additional features)

GitLab 15.8 has several significant features, including:

  1. Block merges unless external status checks pass
  2. SCIM support for self-managed GitLab
  3. More discoverable syntax options for Advanced Search
  4. Introducing two new fonts for GitLab
  5. Migrating GitLab projects by direct transfer
  6. View estimated queuing time for runners in the Admin Area
  7. Selective SSO enforcement for group members

In case you have questions about GitLab (including differences in editions or pricing) or you need a quote –
contact us:
gitabl@almtoolbox.com or call us: 866-503-1471 (USA / Canada ) or +972-722-405-222 (international)


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