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GitLab Pricing is Changing Soon

GitLab change pricing

GitLab, a popular solution for smart software development on top of Git, recently announced a price increase for on-premise (self-hosted) editions:

  • GitLab EES is changing in price from $39 per person per year to $48 and will now be called: “GitLab Starter”
  • GitLab EEP is changing in price from $199 per person per year to $228 and will now be called “GitLab Premium”
  • GitLab EEU is changing in price from $999 per person per year to $1188 per person per year and will now be called “GitLab Ultimate”. This edition has an introductory price – contact us (see details below) for any questions.

Gitlab CE (Community Edition) will remain free, but is changing its name to “GitLab Libre”

The pricing of public cloud (gitlab.com) is staying the same, and of course the product remains open source as always.

Considering buying licenses in the near future? You should act now

Deadline to ask for a quote with current (old) pricing:  2/27/18

Deadline to get purchase orders with current (old) pricing: 3/15/18

As a Premier Reseller of GitLab, you can order all editions from us (including cloud subscriptions Silver, Bronze and Gold) – and get attractive payment terms. There are some ways to save money if you order for two years or more.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are prices being raised?

The GitLab company has decided that the current pricing doesn’t match market realities

Q: What’s the deadline to order in current pricing (before they raised up)?

You must ask for quotes by February 27th . Orders must be issued by March 15th.

Q: Are we allowed to buy licenses for more than one year at the current prices?

Yes that’s possible if you pay in advance. Contact us (via email) and specify how many users you have and for how many years you need licenses.

Q: We use GitLab on a private cloud or private hosting. Are prices affected?

Yes, prices will still be raised in that case, since you actually use the on-premise licenses.