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GitLab pour l’entreprise: enregistrement + sous-titre + synopsis sont maintenant disponibles

L’enregistrement du Webinar du 14/2/18 de GitLab, est maintenant disponible. Nous y avons ajouté des sous-titres pour votre commodité. Durant ce Webinar, Victor Hernandez, architecte chez GitLab, montre comment toute une équipe peut gérer l’ensemble du processus grâce à GitLab. C’est le lieu de mentionner qu’à la fin de février (dans moins de deux semaines) […]

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GitLab Pricing is Changing Soon

GitLab, a popular solution for smart software development on top of Git, recently announced a price increase for on-premise (self-hosted) editions: GitLab EES is changing in price from $39 per person per year to $48 and will now be called: “GitLab Starter” GitLab EEP is changing in price from $199 per person per year to […]

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Better understanding of different GitLab Editions

There are currently 5 different editions of GitLab, including free, paid, cloud and more. This variety confuses some users, so I wrote this article to explain the differences between the editions. I’m going to introduce the editions as different layers on top of each other. Each layer provides some additional functionality beyond the layer below […]

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