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GitLab and Floating License / Concurrent Users

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We are often asked from time to time whether GitLab has a floating license mechanism (or concurrent users)
and whether there is a way to save money on licensing.

The frequency of those questions has increased in the last year since GitLab Starter was deprecated,
as the enterprise options are more expensive now (including GitLab Premium or GitLab Ultimate editions only).

Does GitLab offer a floating license?

GitLab does not have an official floating license solution – however there are ways to save on licensing and deal with it correctly.

In fact, it is possible to build a customized solution that is similar to a floating / concurrent license mechanism.

We have been working with GitLab system since 2015 and representing the company since 2016.
Over the years we have learned several helpful methods, and we have also seen clients who mishandled the licensing, and we have guided them.

In fact, we provide training after buying the license from us – on how to save money on the second year and to avoid mistakes,
pitfalls and “true up” (or “Users over license”) incidents.
On top of that, we also have some best practices to teach you how to save money on GitLab licensing.

We have also developed a tailor-made solution which can help to manage the licensing correctly and save money for the upcoming renewals, and also helps to avoid annoying charges for true ups.

In total, we know around 10 ways to save you a significant amount of money on GitLab licensing,
including GitLab CI and for both self-hosted and gitlab.com (the SaaS cloud offering) – for years to come.

For more details contact us:
gitlab@almtoolbox.com or call us: 866-503-1471 or +972-722-405-222


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