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Complementary Add-ons We Can Provide on Top of GitLab

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In this post we list GitLab add-ons, services and complementary solutions we can provide to you on top of GitLab,
including GitLab self-managed, managed (private instance) or SaaS (gitlab.com / public cloud).

We have vast experience in GitLab since 2015 (see here a list of GitLab Projects we have implemented over the years) 

GitLab add-ons:

  • Issue Weights
  • Burnup Charts
  • Burndown Charts
  • Required Merge Request Approvals
  • Multiple approvers in code review
  • Repository pull mirroring
  • Push rules
  • Block secret file push
  • Scan for secrets even before users commit changes to repo (and by scanning files content). Learn more.
  • Restrict push and merge access to certain users (extension to protected branches)
  • Code Owners
  • Multiple LDAP / AD server support
  • Advanced Search (using Elastic and Zoekt)
  • Limit project size at a global, group, and project level
  • Restrict access by IP address (self-hosted only)
  • Limit project size at a global, group, and project level
  • 24/7 uptime support
  • Disaster Recovery
  • High availability
  • CI/CD for external repo (partially)
  • View Jira issues in GitLab
  • HashiCorp Vault Integration
  • Auditing
  • License approval policies
  • Security reports
  • Monitor & alert server / runners uptime
  • Monitor & alert license usage
  • Sync GitLab servers (even different editions)
  • Integrate GitLab Premium server with Ultimate server
  • Integrate GitLab Free (Community Edition) server with Ultimate server
  • Integrate Free with premium server
  • Integrate GitLab with other SAST tools
  • Build reports based on data from GitLab & Jira
  • Create GitLab branch from Jira
  • Tighter integration of GitLab & Jira
  • GitLab & OpenProject Integration
  • Integration with Kubernetes
  • Supporting Right to Left (RTL) languages (Arabic, Hebrew, Persian)

Do you need any help with GitLab?

You can always contact us and we will be happy to answer:
gitlab@almtoolbox.com or +972-722-240-5222 (International) / 866-503-147 (USA / Canada).
We provide GitLab’s add-on development, managed services, consulting, licenses / subscriptions, support and more.

This post was initially released on November 2023

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