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What’s New in GitLab 14.7

GitLab 14.7 was released yesterday and we’ve just made two updated lists of GitLab features All NEW features (since June 2018) separated by editions, release, popularity, stages and more (so you can easily filter it out by your preferred criteria) ALL GitLab Features separate by editions, categories, documentation and more (so you can quickly find out what’s in one edition VS another edition) We made this […]

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GitLab 13.9: a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

See how new features are distributed among stages and features GitLab 13.9 was released yesterday with dozens of new features. As we initially published a month ago, we released an updated diagram of all features in GitLab separated by stages (Y axis) and editions (Free / Premium / Ultimate). We are often asked about the […]

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What are the differences between GitLab Premium and GitLab Ultimate?

Many GitLab Starter customers ask us “What are we losing by not having access to GitLab Ultimate capabilities?” And there’s another version of the question, asked by those who use the free GitLab version or have not yet used GitLab: “What are the differences between Premium and Ultimate?” or: “Why should we start with the […]

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