GitLab and GitLab Enterprise

GitLab is a web-based Git repository hosting service. It offers all of the distributed revision control and source code management (SCM) functionality of Git as well as adding its own features. GitLab Enterprise Edition builds on top of Git and includes extra features. It has LDAP group sync, audit logs and multiple roles. It includes deeper authentication and authorization integration, has fine-grained workflow management, has extra server management options and it integrates with your tool stack. GitLab EE runs on your servers (on premise) behind your firewall.

GitLab provides the following:

  • Version control and repository management based on Git
  • Issue management and bug tracking
  • Code Review functionality
  • Continuous Integration tool (GitLab CI)
  • ChatOp tool (Mattermost)
  • Wiki
  • Integration with IDEs
  • Rich API
  • On-premise or cloud -based installations
  • Repository mirroring and high availability (HA)
  • Development Analytics

GitLab Overview


  • Open source: you get full control over the tool - you can change it and customize it as you wish
  • Built on top of Git: If you like Git you like GitLab too!
  • One tool that covers it all : GitLab includes source control; issue tracker; code review; wiki; Continuous Integration (GitLab CI); Analytics and more
  • On-premise or hosted (on cloud) gives you full control over the installation
  • Scalable: support 25,000 users on one server or a highly available active/active cluster
  • Private repositories are available even with Community Edition!

How We Can Help You

GitLab authorized reseller Israel Europe
ALMtoolbox company is a GitLab authorised reseller. We have experts that can help you with the following:
  • Plan a new implementation
  • Setting up new environments
  • Implement integration with JIRA, Jenkins, Slack and other tools
  • Customizations and add-ons development
  • GitLab and Git training
  • Implement migration from Git, GitHub, BitBucket, ClearCase, RTC, SVN, JIRA, Jenkins and more
  • We can help you with purchasing and managing licenses
Contact us: or +972-722-405-222 / 866-503-1471 (USA/Canada)


Feature \ Product Edition      Community Edition Enterprise Edition Starter Enterprise Edition Premium
Reporting and Publishing
Edit files, directories and create merge requests straight from the web interface
Time Tracking
Cycle Analytics
Contribution Analytics, see detailed statistics of contributors -
Audit log and events -
Host static pages straight (with TLS and CNAME support) from GitLab using GitLab Pages -
Extended authentication and authorization integration
LDAP user authentication (also compatible with Active Directory)
Two-factor Authentication
Central Authentication Service (CAS) integration
Multiple LDAP server support (also compatible with Active Directory) -
LDAP group synchronization (also compatible with Active Directory) -
Create and remove admins based on an LDAP group -
Kerberos user authentication -
Integrate with Atlassian Crowd -
Fine-grained workflow management
Groups consisting of multiple people with a shared namespace for projects
Ability to fork a repository
Share a project with other groups
Manage large binaries with git LFS
Webhooks at Project Level
Automatically Merge on Build Success
Quick see what is important with Todos
Revert any commit quickly and easily
Merge request versions
Merge conflict resolution
Issue board
Multiple issue boards -
Resolve discussion in merge requests
Control issues and merge requests with Slash commands
Integrate with Koding
Manage large binaries with git annex -
Rebase merge requests before merge -
Use fast-forward merges when possible -
Push Rules (commit message must mention an issue, no tag deletion, etc.) -
Webhooks at Group Level -
Lock project membership to the members of a group -
Merge requests approvals -
Mirror External Repositories -
Set weight of issues -
Create templates for issues and merge requests -
Global code search -
Prevent committing secrets -
Branch Permissions for users -
File locking - -
Additional server management options
Branded Login Page
Project importing from GitHub to GitLab
An admin can email all users of a project, a group or the entire server -
Omnibus package supports log forwarding -
Project importing from to your private GitLab instance -
Super-powered search using Elasticsearch -
Limit project size at a global, group and project level -
Pivotal Tile: Deploy GitLab as a pre-configured appliance - -
GitLab Geo: Geographically replicated instance - -
Support for High Availability (Premium Support) - -
Deeper integration with your tool stack
Mention JIRA ticket from GitLab
Reference JIRA issues with GitLab commits, merge requests and issues
Close JIRA issues with GitLab commits
Omnibus package supports configuring an external PostgreSQL database
Omnibus package supports configuring an external MySQL database -
Display merge request status for builds on Jenkins CI -
Continuous Integration
Continuous integration shipped along and fully integrated in the GitLab interface
Configure CI builds using a versioned, flexible build script
Power your CI with Docker
Artifacts as output. Stored in GitLab and explorable
Run your builds on any machine, architecture, infinitely scalable
Trigger builds easily, allowing for extensive customization and integration with your existing tools
GitLab Container Registry for Docker images
Build pipelines
Environments and deployments in CI
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24/7 Emergency support - - 30-minute response time
Live upgrade assistance - -
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GitLab enables us to balance internal team preferences with management requirements. The team had always wanted to move to Git, but they also wanted a user-friendly interface to help their workflows - and GitLab provides it all!"

Keith Harris, Associate Director and Software Architect , 360i

GitLab is a great private repository. I like its wiki, web hooks, intuitive interface and GitLab CI continuous integration feature"

Sean Francis Ballais, Freelance Programmer