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What’s in the New Version of CompBL?

This post serves as an introduction to the New Version of CompBL, presenting all its new features and comparison capabilities. In general, CompBL enables you to compare any combination of ClearCase streams and baselines. Moreover, we have enhanced these capabilities by enabling you to select recommended baselines and composite baselines, which makes CompBL more efficient […]

CompBL V2 is Coming Soon!

We are proud to announce that CompBL V2 will be released in this coming Thursday. CompBL V2 has several new features and enhancements, improved usability and reliability. Experience our CompBL V2 Beta version and provide valuable feedback to enhance the product. Main Benefits Control. Know what ClearCase artifacts have been changed. Any time. Simplicity. Smart, […]

Get the Maximum of ClearCase!

This time I’d like to talk about ClearEnv, one of our ClearCase add-ons. ClearEnv helps you to get better results of ClearCase. ClearEnv has a better approach for setting new ClearCase environments, and it helps you to achieve much better control, IT governance and compliance. Here are some of its main benefits: IT Governance: Define […]

Insights on Windows 7 and ClearCase

In the course of our on-going examinations for our  Rational ClearCase add-ons, we decided to test them on Windows 7, even though it is not yet officially supported to work with Rational ClearCase. Today I installed Windows 7 as an additional virtual machine on my laptop (with VMware server). We’ve been gaining experience using VMware […]

ClearCheck: Recommended Reading about VOB Problems

If you want to evaluate the amount of effort that ClearCheck can save in development costs, here are some articles that will help you decide. ClearCheck is based on the best practices for ClearCase published by the experts at IBM. The materials below will give you an idea of some of the knowledge that went […]

Who’s afraid of ClearCase?

Meet our manager in person! Our Founder and CEO gave an interview to IBM DeveloperWorks describing our company’s goals and achievements: Read it here.

New! One-Time Registeration

We’ve constructed a new user-friendly registration system, which requires only a one-time registration for all our products. You may ask why…?! Well, We want to keep you updated. AtGoMidjets we hold to a high quality standard for our products. In order to maintain this standard, and in order for our customers to gain maximum benefit […]

Did you know? IBM has reported a critical bug in ClearCase 7.1 “dbcheck”

Yesterday we encountered a new bug in ClearCase 7.1 “dbcheck” on Windows. It is reported on the IBM site as follows: Dbcheck crashes with unhandled exception in ClearCase 7.1 IBM says that there is currently no program fix for this failure, but does suggest a workaround. We have decided to take this latest workaround and […]

ClearCheck 1.2.0 has been released

We are an IBM Advnaced Business Partner

I’m proud to announce that GoMidjets is now officially an IBM Advanced Business Partner. We were awarded this status following our successful implementation of ClearCheck with Taldor at a major client in the defense industry. By awarding us an advanced partner status IBM recognizes our development skills and competency in working with IBM products. Or […]