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ClearQuest Projects We Have Implemented Over the Years

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In this post we mention a partial list of ClearQuest projects we have implemented over the years (since 1996)
for our customers (and for our own company’s development needs) – all based on Rational ClearQuest tool.

Our company has extensive experience in software development and ALM / SCM / DevOps / IT / AppSec methodologies and tooling,
so it allows us to quickly explore our customers’ needs and help them choose the best methods and tools that could fit their exact needs.

We continuously update the following list (you may register below to get updates).

Last update: June 2022


ClearQuest Projects we have planned & applied over the years (partial list):

  • Definition and implementation of ClearQuest schemas, including workflows, fields and queries.
  • Design, setup and maintenance of ClearCase and ClearQuest infrastructure
  • Creation and maintenance of over 200 ClearQuest databases with over 1000 users
  • Monitoring ClearCase and ClearQuest licensing (for saving money)
  • Monitoring ClearQuest performance (both infrastructures and application)
  • Training ClearCase and ClearQuest users (including administrators and end-users)
  • Building our ALM Performance tool (Continuously Monitor Performance and Vitality of your ClearQuest)
  • Support of software projects, including SCM requirements analysis, creation of VOBs,
    UCM projects and streams and support of about 600 users.
  • Management of disconnected sites (air-gapped) using ClearCase Multisite.
  • Writing ClearQuest hooks (and ClearCase trigger scripts)
  • Scripts for setting up ClearQuest databases and creation of users.
  • ClearQuest integration with LDAP.
  • Setting IBM Installation Manager scripts for unattended installation of ClearCase and ClearQuest.
  • Development of Git-like revert tool for ClearCase.
  • Migration from ClearQuest to Jira
  • Migration from ClearQuest to GitLab’s issue tracking
  • Migration from ClearQuest to OpenProject
  • Adjusting our Visual Annotate tool (for ClearCase) to support ClearQuest as well
  • Adjusting our R&D Reporter tool (for ClearCase) to support ClearQuest as well
  • Setting GitLab forms to behave like ClearQuest forms

Do you need any help with ClearQuest?

You can always contact us and we will be happy to answer: clearquest@almtoolbox.com or 866-503-147 (USA / Canada) +972-722-240-5222 (International)
We provide ClearQuest consulting, licenses / subscriptions, support, managed services and more.

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