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New Webinar: How to be more Agile with Rational ClearCase

As part of launching the new version of CompBL (V2.5), one of our ClearCase add-ons, we delivered a webinar a few days ago. The recording is free to watch or listen with no charge.

The webinar was delivered by Bob Aiello, author of Configuration Management Best Practices: Practical Methods that Work in the Real World (http://cmbestpractices.com). Thanks Bob!

The webinar concerns the following:

  • Agile
  • Continuous Integration (CI)
  • Configuration Management and ClearCase challenges
  • CompBL: Real-time Visibility on your ClearCase UCM Projects’ Status (https://www.almtoolbox.com/compbl)
The webinar includes the following “How To’s”:
  • How to collect important data from ClearCase
  • How to expand ClearCase documentation and reporting capabilities
  • How to easily generate real-time reports about projects status: what was changed, where, why, how etc.
  • How to be more Agile with ClearCase
  • How to improve your Continuous Integration process
  • How to automatically generate Release Notes document

Click on the picture to watch and listen to the webinar.

[Webinar] How to be more Agile with Rational ClearCase

For your convenience, please find a reference to main parts in the webinar. You can jump to any part by using your player.

0 – Introduction
4:10 – Agenda
5:20 – Agile
10:12 – Continuous Integration
14:10 – Configuration Management and ClearCase Challenges
18:05 – How ClearCase answers these challenges. But still there are challenges…
24:30 – Demo: How ClearCase plus CompBL fully answers these challenges
28:50 – How to get everything about the changes: what was changed ; where; How; why; when and by whom.
– How CompBL seamlessly integrated with ClearCase
31:20  – CompBL charts for ClearCase – Gantt, Area and Pie charts
41:54 – How to filter out unnecessary output from the reports
44:24– How to export reports to email, browser (html) and Excel formats
– How to customize your reports
46:00 – How to create Comparison Rules and automatic rules
– How to schedule and run comparison rules
– How to integrate CompBL with triggers and build process
– How CompBL solves the challenges of Agile and continuous integration
47:15 – About ClearCase Recommnded baselines
– How to compare recommended baseline and the previous recommended baseline
– Demo: ClearCase + CompBL + recommended baseline triggers:
– How to save history of recommended baselines
– How to get email when new recommended baselines is being made
– How to get a report to email of the changes between the new recommended baseline to previous recommended baseline
50:15 – Summary: How all challenges are resolved
52:30 – Q & A:
– CompBL licensing options and pricing
– CompBL learning curve

To download a trial version of CompBL, the ClearCase add-on that provides more agility with ClearCase, follow this link.