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GitLab Announces Complete DevOps and Raising $20 Million in New Venture Capital Funding

During a recent GitLab live event, GitLab made several interesting  announcements: They presented their vision of “Complete DevOps”, and demonstrated capabilities that will soon be incorporated into their product. They announced that they had raised $20 million in new venture capital funding led by Google Ventures (GV). So far, the total amount of funding raised […]

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ALM Vitality Monitoring: Sharing Insights and what’s in it for you

It has been 6 weeks since we released the first version of ALM Vitality, so now is a good time to share a few insights we’ve received from our ALM Vitality users. We will also share what is new in ALM Vitality and show how you can benefit from the application growth. Here is the […]

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New: ClearCase 8 Reference and “How To” Best Practices

Enjoy the new reference! This list refers to both Base ClearCase and UCM This list refers to ClearCase 8 (the latest version), while you can find a reference for 7.1 version for each of the commands. The right columns may suggest another relevant articles, “How To”‘s and best practices cleartool command Description Relevant Articles annotate […]

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Product Review: CompBL 2.5

In this post me we are hosting a guest writer, Mr. Leonid Stanovsky, who uses our product for a while and has agreed to share his review with us. GoMidjets CompBL allows users of IBM’s ClearCase UCM to automatically compare baselines, streams and other ClearCase objects and assets. I have reviewed it in connection with a […]

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ROI Calculator for ClearCheck

The main benefit provided by ClearCheck is a reduced risk of major failures and downtime. Use this calculator to find out what how much VOBs downtime can cost in your organization. Compare this cost with the price of ClearCheck to support buying decisions. Cost of VOBs Downtime No. of developers working on the project: ___ […]

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Accelerating Development and Configuration Management Processes by Automation

On March 23rd GoMidjets’ seminar “Accelerating development and CM processes by automation“ took host at IBM Israel. The turn-out for the event was high.  In less than two days all the seats for the seminar were booked. This was achieved by using only selected social media platforms (and not all intentionally). 35 people signed up […]

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