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Accelerating Development and Configuration Management Processes by Automation

On March 23rd GoMidjets’ seminar “Accelerating development and CM processes by automation“ took host at IBM Israel.

The turn-out for the event was high.  In less than two days all the seats for the seminar were booked. This was achieved by using only selected social media platforms (and not all intentionally). 35 people signed up to the seminar and 26 attended in person, coming from various sectors and companies.

During the first part of the seminar I lectured on the topic of “Automation in development processes: why, when and how”. Presentation slides are available for download, but do not yet include the detailed explanations, which will be added soon to this blog. Sign up here for updates.

In the lecture, I used a practical example from the ClearCase world: a trigger that announces a new recommended baseline. That trigger combines all discussed issues.

The Presentation is available for download here: http://bit.ly/92PmY0

During the second part of the seminar we examined common problems in Rational ClearCase which can be solved with automation, and suggested our solutions for the following problems:

  1. ClearCase VOBs health check
  2. ClearCase environments installation
  3. ClearCase Version comparison

To read about our solutions enter the links above.

To download presentation slides of the common ClearCase problems: http://bit.ly/9vy8VE

To follow up the last successful event we intend on organizing future professional seminars – sign up here for updates.

I’d like to thank the participants and all those who lent a hand, GoMidjets employees and IBM workers, to produce this event.

View photos from the seminar:

Automation Seminar

Automation Seminar

Automation seminar 2

Automation Seminar 3

Automation Seminar 3