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ROI Calculator for ClearCheck

The main benefit provided by ClearCheck is a reduced risk of major failures and downtime.

Use this calculator to find out what how much VOBs downtime can cost in your organization. Compare this cost with the price of ClearCheck to support buying decisions.

Cost of VOBs Downtime

No. of developers working on the project: ___

Developer hourly fee average: ___

Administrator hourly fee average: ___

Money saved should be calculated as follows:

No. of developers X downtime hours (typically a full work day) X avg. hourly fee + [ Administrator’s time for fixing problems X avg. hourly fee ] .

For instance: assuming you have 30 developers at avg. hourly fee of $50/hour, and a major problems takes a full work day (9 hours), so the cost is

30 * 50 * 9 + 50 * 9 = $ 13,950

* Assumptions: fixing a VOBs problem requires a full work day; Cost does not include expert advice to fix problems.