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What’s in SonarQube for Developers and R&D Managers?

The article explains what’s in SonarQube for Developers and R&D Managers?

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What are Differences of SonarQube Editions?

Initially written in January 2022. Last update: April 2023 I’m frequently asked what the differences are between SonarQube versions. From the questions it is clear that the licensing options are not so clear and quite confusing, so I decided to write down the essential points and help make things right. Legend: Core differences What’s in […]

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GitLab Acquires Gemnasium and Offers New Built-in Code Security Features

GitLab has acquired Gemnasium, a service that scans for security vulnerabilities in open source libraries, and soon it will be part of the GitLab product. This move helps GitLab users enjoy static code analysis; dynamic security testing; security container scanning and more. The tool can now scan Ruby, Python and JavaScript code languages, and very […]

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