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GitLab Acquires Gemnasium and Offers New Built-in Code Security Features

GitLab Gemnasium DevSecOps
GitLab has acquired Gemnasium, a service that scans for security vulnerabilities in open source libraries, and soon it will be part of the GitLab product.

This move helps GitLab users enjoy static code analysis; dynamic security testing; security container scanning and more. The tool can now scan Ruby, Python and JavaScript code languages, and very soon PHP and Java will be supported too.

The new features will be added to GitLab in the upcoming version (10.5) that will be released on February 22nd, and will be offered as part of the Enterprise Ultimate edition (but you can also integrate some other security scanner tools with GitLab and GitLab CI/CD – contact us for further details).

This move helps GitLab strengthen their security and CI/CD offering against tools like GitHub and Bitbucket, and it makes their new Enterprise Ultimate package much more attractive.

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