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Newsletter October 2015

With the end of the summer, we’ve got some exciting updates to lift the spirits, with interesting news and special offers about software development and ALM tools (ClearCase, Eclipse, Visual Studio, Jenkins, ClearQuest and more).


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New: Visual Annotate extensions for Visual Studio and Eclipse

Save time and energy by visually tracking your code line history from within Visual Studio or Eclipse.
These extensions enable you to discover critical information for each code line without leaving the editor: when it was checked-in and by whom, which version and branch or UCM stream it was checked into; relevant labels or UCM baselines, and the comments that were also placed when the file version was being checked-in.


Visual Studio (click to learn more):
clearcase visual studio annotation

Eclipse (click to learn more):
clearcase eclipse annotation


Renew your Rational tools with us and get a bonus

Is it time for you to renew your IBM Software Subscription and Support?

Check out our new special offer:
Renew any of your IBM Rational tools with us and Get a $400 (USD) Value Software that every ClearCase or ClearQuest user would enjoy.
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ClearCase v8 Hidden Features

We are considering delivering a webinar about the hidden features in ClearCase v8.x – if you find this interesting please send an email to clearcase@almtoolbox.com and we’ll update you about the webinar.



New: We are now helping to promote ClearCase plugin for Eclipse

In order to contribute to the great ClearCase plugin for Eclipse and its community, we decided to promote development of the plugin.

clearcase eclipse plugin
We are helping to promote this plugin by providing its developers with new development and test environments which can facilitate the rapid and qualified development of a plugin for the ClearCase community.


When was the last time you checked the health of your ClearCase VOB databases?

New: ClearCheck as a service!
We’ve started to provide our health checks solution (“ClearCheck”) as a one-time service.
This includes scanning + analyzing results + proving a report (like this one) and action items (when necessary).

Additionally, we can provide the service with some extra checks that might improve your ClearCase performance (and also detects deeper VOB corruption). Send email to services@almtoolbox.com to get further details.



New: Speed up ClearCase MultiSite by up to 100 times!

Do you often find that ClearCase MultiSite works too slowly?
Would you benefit from the rapid synchronization of your code among the different development sites?
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Meet ALMtoolbox in London on November 25th!

Our company has been chosen by the UK Rational User Community to present a case study on utilizing Continuous Integration with ClearCase and Jenkins.

Jenkins ClearCase ALMtoolbox DevOps
This could be your chance to get a private demo from our head of development about our add-on tools for ClearCase and ClearQuest, including our upcoming new toolset.
Schedule a private meeting



New performance monitoring tool for ClearCase is coming soon!

We’re happy to announce that a new performance monitoring tool for ClearCase is currently being developed.
It will be able to monitor your entire ClearCase deployment, including servers and clients, and will provide an intelligent and comprehensive picture of your performance issues.

This tool will also find correlations between infrastructures and application performance and point out root causes of poor performance.

We have a prototype with a live demo, including 3 reports (click & watch): retrospective report (ClearCase server + ClearCase client); real-time report and consumed memory and CPU per VOB report.



ClearCase and ClearQuest are out!

New releases of CC & CQ have been launched over the last few months, including v8.0.1.9, which was released 3 weeks ago.
You should upgrade to the latest versions and enjoy their new features.
Among the new features:

  • New view kind (named “Automatic view”) that supports distributed development plus the advantages of dynamic views
  • Supporting Windows 10
  • Extending ClearTeam Explorer
  • Extending integration with bug tracking tools (ClearQuest, JIRA etc.)

Contact us if you need help with upgrading – we have a very experienced team that can help with upgrades; setting up distributed environments; silent (unattended) client installs, performance monitoring; licenses and more.

IBM also released new ClearCase and ClearTeam Explorer videos – watch here.



New website for ClearCase ClearQuest Q&A

The old ClearCase Forum is now locked, and a new discussions (“dW Answers” are now available here.
I have found the new forum very useful since you can subscribe to a particular topic, question or person of interest (and get relevant notifications).



Coming soon: R&D Reporter 5.0

We’re extensively working on enhancing R&D Reporter – soon we’ll release V5.0, including support for Linux and UNIX; Base ClearCase users; a new analytics module; new “Extended View” report and many new filters, charts and other features. Stay tuned and join our beta program at beta@almtoolbox.com

ClearCase Reporter builder


Coming Soon: Smart integration of ClearCase with JIRA

We have developed a bidi JIRA – ClearCase Bridge and we will release it soon.
This is a lightweight and modern tool that enables you to get full traceability between your ClearCase SCM and JIRA records.

If you find this interesting please send email to services@almtoolbox.com and we’ll provide more details.