Visual Annotate Extension for Visual Studio and ClearCase

Visually track your code line history from within Visual Studio!

This extension enables you to discover critical information for each code line: when it was checked-in and by whom, which version and branch or UCM stream it was checked into; relevant labels or UCM baselines, and the comments that were also placed when the file version was being checked-in
The extension is seamlessly integrated with ClearCase and Visual Studio. Installation takes only 1 minute!

Version 1.5 is now available! Download


  • Save time on debugging
  • Resolve merge conflicts much faster
  • Easily locate the source of defects
  • Much faster than ClearCase Version Tree or ClearCase History Browser
  • Drill down into the history of any code line in a file
  • Quickly find out where the code was REALLY changed
  • Produce higher quality products in less time

How It Works

Watch the following 2 min. video (demonstrating how it works):


  • Track changes from the code line perspective
  • Supports all code languages available on Visual Studio IDE, including C, C++, C#, ASP, Visual Basic, VB.NET, JavaScript (JS), Python, PHP, HTML, CSS, SQL, XML, Perl and more
  • Supports UCM and Base ClearCase, dynamic and snapshot views
  • Supports dynamic and snapshot ClearCase views
  • NEW: Our "Get Real Change" utility is part of this tool. Click to Learn more
  • Seamlessly integrated with ClearCase, including the Version Tree and the History utilities
  • Can be integrated with bug tracking tools such as ClearQuest, JIRA, Quality Center, TFS, RTC, Bugzilla, Excel, Google Sheets and more

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C# ClearCase Python ClearCase PHP ClearCase javascript ClearCase VB.NET ClearCase

Getting Started

After you download the package, Simply extract ZIP file and click on the relevant VSIX file, and then follow the instructions. The extension will be installed into your Visual Studio editor. Click here to learn how to get started..

What's New (Change Log)

  • V1.5 (01/06/2016): Get Real Change feature is embedded inside; New color palette and another new features. Click to learn more
  • V1.2 (10/01/2015): Supporting ClearCase UCM and ClearCase - ClearQuest UCM enabled; Coloring by file versions; Supporting Visual Studio 2010
  • V1.0 (08/01/2015): Visually track history of code saved in ClearCase from within Visual Studio IDE: when it was checked-in; by whom; when and where from

System Requirements

  • Visual Studio 2010 or higher (2012, 2013, 2015)
  • ClearCase v8.x, v7.x or v6.16 (full client install using dynamic or snapshot views)
  • Windows 7,8, XP, 2008 (server), 2012 and 2003

Testimonials: Read what users of Visual Annotate say

Visual Annotate saves a lot of time when you need to determine the origin of a specific lines of code, especially with large and complex version trees"

Yossi Zinger, SCM Team Leader, Algotec

I'm continuously impressed by the ability of ALMtoolbox to fill a gap between the core functioanlity provided by ClearCase and the needs of our customers. Visual Annotate is just one of those tools provided by ALMtoolbox that can help ClearCase users easily understand the history of changes to a file, line by line"

Howie Bernstein, ClearCase ClearQuest Product Manager 2012-2015, IBM Rational

This widget is very useful to improve productivity during debugging"

Pascal Chevochot, Software Development Lead, Sogitec