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New: Speed up ClearCase MultiSite by up to 100 times!

accerlate clearcase multisite

Do you work with ClearCase MultiSite? Do you often find that it works too slowly?

Would you benefit from the rapid synchronization of your code among the different development sites?

A new patented networking technology by IBM now can improve the efficiency of distributed design and development teams using ClearCase MultiSite.

In measurements made by IBM, the packet transfer between geographically distributed sites was 5-20 times faster than a FTP or Secure Copy Protocol (SCP) based transfer.

This means you can keep the scripts you’re already using with MultiSite and just replace the file transfer, fully secured.

We at  ALMtoolbox  can provide you full solution including professional services, performance measurement and licenses of this new technology. Contact our services team for more details at services@almtoolbox.com

This technology can be also beneficial in some other situations that can speed up file transfer by up to 100 times:

  • Fast DRP and business continuity
  • Fast delivery of files to your customers
  • Fast delivery of big files (e.g. dump files) to your customer support


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