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New in GitLab Version 13.0: GitLab Introduces Improved High Availability (HA)

GitLab version 13.0, released just days ago, now allows for high availability and redundancy of the Git storage component. This is important if GitLab is critical for your organization, and its downtime disables software development, CI/CD pipelines and delivery times. We are talking about Gitaly — one of GitLab’s most important components. Let’s talk about Gitaly […]

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New: Speed up ClearCase MultiSite by up to 100 times!

Do you work with ClearCase MultiSite? Do you often find that it works too slowly? Would you benefit from the rapid synchronization of your code among the different development sites? A new patented networking technology by IBM now can improve the efficiency of distributed design and development teams using ClearCase MultiSite. In measurements made by […]

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