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The Challenge of Getting Full Control Over Your ClearCase ClearQuest Deployment

We at ALMtoolbox spend a great portion of our time talking and understanding our customer’s pains. One of the most painful issues ClearCase & ClearQuest administrators raise is that they cannot control all of the parts of their environment if they are not part of the IT team. As a result the administrator may not […]

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What’s New in Rational Requirements Composer 4.0.1

1. Modules – organize requirements into specifications Analysts can organize requirements into ordered lists and hierarchy groups. Modules have a familiar structure much like the outline of a document. Team members will better understand the format and organization for requirements. Demo: Brief overview of the Module feature to help you see how to add existing […]

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Why Focus on your Requirements?

Incorrect requirement specification and lack of user input are the 2 most quoted reasons why software projects fail. Businesses that use tools such as MS-Word and Excel to define, collect and manage their requirements have a significant opportunity to optimize their practices and tooling to reduce costs associated withrework and speed their time to market. […]

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