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The Challenge of Getting Full Control Over Your ClearCase ClearQuest Deployment

We at ALMtoolbox spend a great portion of our time talking and understanding our customer’s pains. One of the most painful issues ClearCase & ClearQuest administrators raise is that they cannot control all of the parts of their environment if they are not part of the IT team. As a result the administrator may not […]

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Questions & Answers About ClearCase Automatic Views

Yesterday we delivered an interesting webcast with Peter Hack, the ClearCase architect. Attendees have asked questions about the new functionality, and we collected all Q&A as provided by Peter: Question #1: (1) Will ClearCase Dynamic views become redundant when the “Automatic Views” are deployed? (2) How soon will happen and at which version? (3) Can […]

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Upcoming ClearCase Webcasts and New Add-on Tools

We have organized two webcasts this month about great features in ClearCase – and you can join them at no charge! Webinar: Introducing Automatic Views with Peter Hack, the ClearCase architect. Mr. Hack will introduce an important new feature in ClearCase, “Automatic Views”. This is a new kind of a view, similar to dynamic views […]

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New ClearCase webcast: Introducing Automatic Views

Next week we are hosting a special guest who will introduce a new significant feature in ClearCase. Our guest is Peter Hack, the ClearCase architect, and he’ll demonstrate the new automatic views in ClearCase. Briefly, this is a new kind of a view, quite similar to dynamic views that access files directly from the servers’ […]

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