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Upcoming ClearCase Webcasts and New Add-on Tools

We have organized two webcasts this month about great features in ClearCase – and you can join them at no charge!

Webinar: Introducing Automatic Views with Peter Hack, the ClearCase architect.

Peter HackMr. Hack will introduce an important new feature in ClearCase, “Automatic Views”.

This is a new kind of a view, similar to dynamic views that access files directly from the servers’ storage over a network file system. The new type of view can work from remote sites as well, in high speed, over the internet (WAN). No copy-based work-spaces are needed!

The webinar will take place on Tuesday 9/9 at 9AM – 10AM EST (2PM GMT).

Registration is required and space is limited.

We plan to record it and we’ll send a recording to registrants

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Webinar: ClearCase 8.x: The Hidden features (and why you should consider them)

During this webcast we’ll show some techniques and best practices we have learned from our on-going assistance to both ClearCase end-users and administrators, including tips on upgrading to the latest 8.0.1 version and references to new material announced at the Rational Innovate conference a few months ago.

We will deliver the webcast on Tuesday 9/23 at 9 – 9:30AM EST (2PM GMT).

Registration is required and space is limited.

We plan to record it and we’ll send a recording to registrants

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R&D Reporter Mac style

Additionally, we are working on new features for our ClearCase add-on tools. We plan to release new versions soon!

Here are some of the highlights for each one:

  • ClearCheck Health Checks Solution: we put an effort on performance and running time of integrity checks for the files in the VOB database (dbcheck). We found a way to accelerate running time by 10 times! This is especially useful if you have thousands of VOBs or gigantic VOBs.
  • Visual Annotate – new highlighted cursor to make the annotated report even more legible; extended information that shows more data on where the code was actually changed and more updates
  • R&D Reporterdetecting missing files (renamed, moved or removed files); new filters to get precise reports; advanced LOC (Lines of Code) metrics; smart triggers, continuous delivery and more
  • ClearEnvironment – new enhanced templates to set up UCM work environments which are not based on the recommended baseline (but any other baselines). This helps you to quickly set up streams and views for all members of a development team or group.

 If you have any questions about the tools, send your question by email to info@almtoolbox.com

We also work on performance monitoring and vitality monitoring solutions! If you find it interesting, drop an email to clearmon@almtoolbox.com and we’ll send you more details.