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Join our LIVE Webinar: End-to-end Database CI/CD with Jira, GitLab and DBmaestro

Next week we are hosting the CTO of DBmaestro to discuss different aspects of CI/CD for databases. Webinar is free of charge (space is limited) End-to-end Database CI/CD with Jira, GitLab CI and DBmaestro  We are hosting Yaniv Yehuda, CTO and Co-founder in DBmaestro Company, to discuss how you can utilize Jira, GitLab CI and DBmaestro […]

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Database Dry Run with DBmaestro

In this article we explain what is a database dry run and how DBmaestro can help you get the most out of it.   What is “Dry Run” Every DBA knows the concerns when it is time to deploy to production. Will it work? Will it break something? Nobody wants to fix bugs while the […]

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