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Join our LIVE Webinar: End-to-end Database CI/CD with Jira, GitLab and DBmaestro

Next week we are hosting the CTO of DBmaestro to discuss different aspects of CI/CD for databases. Webinar is free of charge (space is limited) End-to-end Database CI/CD with Jira, GitLab CI and DBmaestro  We are hosting Yaniv Yehuda, CTO and Co-founder in DBmaestro Company, to discuss how you can utilize Jira, GitLab CI and DBmaestro […]

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Does GitLab Installation over Kubernetes Provide High Availability (HA)?

Foreword: What you gain by installing GitLab on Kubernetes (K8S) and what you don’t. As GitLab representatives in Israel, we are regularly asked technical questions about GitLab and tools, which integrate with it. One of the questions often asked lately is about GitLab’s integration with K8S. We have noticed that there is a popular assumption […]

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