Env0: Automate provisioning of Terraform and Terragrunt workflows and infrastructure as code (IaC)

env0 is an automation platform for cloud environments based on infrastructure-as-code templates. env0 combines an easy to use interface with powerful governance tools and cost control so that you, or any member of your team, can quickly and easily deploy and manage environments in the cloud.
In addition, env0 provides insights as to how cloud resources are consumed in your organization, and by whom.
env0 is cloud-agnostic. It works with any cloud platform including AWS, GCP, Azure and Oracle.
env0 provides the following:

  • Infrastructure-as-code (IaC) Automation
  • Teams and Governance
  • Self-service environment building
  • Managed Terraform
  • Terraform plan on pull (merge) Requests
  • Terraform apply on Push/Merge
  • Granular RBAC
  • Custom Flows
  • Automatic Drift Detection
  • Self Hosted Agents
  • Integration with secrets management solutions
  • Cost estimation, Resource Tagging and Cost Over Time
  • Static code analysis tool for infrastructure-as-code
Env0 Dashboard

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env0's Benefits

  • Enable self-service CI/CD for your developer
  • Empower team collaboration. Teams can delegate and easily rollout Terraform changes to cloud environments
  • Automation layer on your multi-cloud environments
  • Governance by setting workflows on top of Terraform
  • "Policy as Code" using Open Policy Agent
  • Migration to cloud is much easier
  • Hosted (SaaS / cloud) or hybrid gives you full control over your deployment
  • Scalable

How We Can Help You

hashicorp partner HashiCorp Certified Terraform Associate GitLab virtuoso Jenkins certified expert AWS Certified Azure developer
ALM-Toolbox company is a certified env0 distributor, consulting and service provider. We have experts that can help you with the following:
  • Plan a new implementation or migration from another tool, and setting up the new environments
  • Onboarding managed Terraform and Terragrunt
  • Implement integration with GitLab CI, Jenkins, GitHub Actions, Azure DevOps, Jira and other tools
  • SLA -based managed services (Terraform as a Service)
  • Consulting
  • Customizations
  • Training
  • Implement migration from similar tools
  • We can help you with purchasing and managing licenses
Contact us: env0@almtoolbox.com or +972-722-405-222 / 866-503-1471 (USA/Canada)

Our experts are skilled in relevant tools and metholdogies around, including DevOps, server side development (Java, Python); AWS and cloud computing ; config management tools (Ansible, Chef) and IAC tools (Terraform, Env0) for provision environments

Features and Pricing

Feature \ Product Edition      Free
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Commerical (Pro / Business / Enterprise)
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Concurrent Remote Runs env0 provides collaborative remote-run environment to perform “runs” and simplify the governance of cloud deployments for Terraform, Terragrunt and other IaC frameworks.
Users TBD
Up to 5
Active Environments An "active environment" is any environment that is managed through env0 that is currently running. Environments that have been destroyed or been manually marked as “Inactive” don't count towards your active environments
Up to 3
Environment variables and secrets granularity TBD
Role Based Access Control TBD
Custom Flows env0 enables you to easily create custom flows and extend your IaC capabilities so you can run any type of code (including 3rd-parties like Checkov) at any point in the deployment process.
Full API & Integrations TBD
Policy & Governance Engine TBD
Cost Estimation Cost estimation is a tool that can be used to help reviewers of deployment plans. Once activated for a project, every deployment plan would trigger a cost estimation calculation. This way, you can view a plan and its cost estimation, and decide whether or not to deploy this plan.
Automatic Drift Detection TBD
Slack/Teams Notifications TBD
Tagging & Cost Monitoring TBD
SAML env0 support managing your organization users using SAML for all commercial tiers
SAML Teams Synchronization TBD
SOC2 (type II) report -
Self-hosted agent -
Multiple Organizations -
Customer Support & SLA
Enhanced Support & SLA There are options to a shared Slack channel ; SLA and dedicated account manager
Pricing and available licenses Free

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Starts at $20 / month / environment

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Testimonials and Customers Stories

As we moved our cloud deployments to Terraform, we needed an automation layer on top. We found env0 to be a great solution for automating our Terraform workflows and enhance our collaboration."

Amit Daniel, DevOps Team Lead at JfrogAmit Daniel, DevOps Team Lead at Jfrog

We chose env0 to manage all of our AWS Terraform-based deployments. Thanks to env0, we can now collaborate and manage our environments, leveraging GitOps and governance workflows"

Radek Dors, Site Reliability Engineer at Pleo

Thanks to env0 our whole engineering group can now collaborate, delegate and easily rollout terraform changes to our cloud environments."

Sergio Millán Rodríguez, Engineering Manager - Platform Engineering, Impala